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Ask Advisor Alex and Other Apt Advice for the Week of July 16, 2007:

  • The 6-week Summer Session I is over, but Summer Session II is July 19-August 22, and late registration is open July 19-20. There is still space in classes, and many of them fulfill major and/or GER requirements. This session is a bit intense in only 4 weeks, so it’s not for everyone, but talk to an advisor about whether or not it makes sense for you.
  • Meet with an advisor now and have all your questions answered before the fall rush starts! Advising Services is open all summer Monday-Thursday, 9:00AM-6:00PM and the wait times will never be shorter!

Ask Advisor Alex

Dear Advisor Alex:
I was on probation this spring, but I didn’t get my GPA up to 2.0 so I was dismissed from Hunter. I submitted an appeal, but when will I know? What happens if it gets denied? Will I have to drop all my classes? When can I come back?

Tentative Tania

Dear Tentative:
I am sorry about your predicament. Not knowing where you will be taking classes in the fall is very distressing.  Appeal decisions will be available as follows:

  • If you are not taking summer classes: Tuesday, July 17
  • If you are in the 6-week summer session I: Thursday, August 2
  • If you are in the 8-week summer session I: Wednesday, August 15

You must pick up the appeal decision from Room 1119-E in person. If your appeal is denied, and you are dismissed from Hunter, all of your fall classes will be cancelled and the only CUNY you will be able to attend in fall 2007 is the New Start Program at Kingsborough Community College:

You may apply to return to Hunter in spring 2008, but there is no guarantee that you will be readmitted at that time. After you receive your appeal decision, you should meet with an advisor to make sure you fully understand your options. Good luck!

Advisor Alex


Dear Advisor Alex:
I need to get into some more classes! When can I register for fall again?? Is there anything still open?

Impatient Immanuel

Dear Impatient:
I know it is frustrating to have to wait for registration to reopen, especially when classes have started to fill up. Registration will open for continuing Hunter students on July 26 (unless you are one of the unfortunate few who had their classes cancelled for non-payment by July 12, and then you will have to wait untilAugust 6 to register again), and will stay open until August 22.

There are lots of courses with space left, and if your first choice is full there is still a chance you could get in. There are six weeks before classes start, so students are still doing a lot of shifting in and out of classes, and many departments allow overtallies if you get permission from the department or attend the first day of class. In the mean time, you probably want to register for a back-up option, in case you aren’t able to get your first choice. This will ensure that you remain eligible for whatever financial aid you qualified for, and that you aren’t running around at the last minute trying to pick up another class. See an advisor if you need some suggestions for a suitable back-up plan.

If you register after July 24 payment is due August 23 so don’t get your classes cancelled! Registration will reopen August 27, the day classes start, but then it’s harder to get into classes you want!

Advisor Alex


For more advisement information or questions: 

Visit the Advising Web Site

Contact the Office of Student Services
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Contact a peer advisor in the Sylvia E. Fishman Student Center
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