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Ask Advisor Alex and Other Apt Advice for the Week of August 13 & 20, 2007:

  • When you are dropping one class and adding another use the “Replace” button to save time and avoid extra charges!
  • As of 8/13/07 the Office of Advising Services in 1119E is back to regular hours: Monday-Thursday 9-7 and Friday 9-3. Come in before classes start to avoid the crunch!

Ask Advisor Alex

Dear Advisor Alex:
I just got my transfer credits evaluated and I attended a transfer orientation session and got advised about what courses I need for the GER, but many of them are already full. Can I get into full classes? Should I just take other classes?

New Nellie

Dear New:
This is a difficult predicament for new transfer students. Often, by the time you get everything in place to register, many of the classes have started to fill up. You have a couple ways of dealing with this, but the first step is to prioritize and figure out which classes are most essential for you to have this semester and which can wait. For the classes you feel are most necessary, you can stalk the registration system because students are going in and out of classes all the time, or you can contact the department and ask what their policy is for “overtallying” (getting into a full class). For those that are not essential this semester, try to be more flexible and choose some alternatives for now, and maybe they will open up later and you can trade them. Remember that you need electives so even though a course may not be necessary for the GER or your major and minor, you still need 120 credits total. Anyone who has ever transferred will tell you that the first semester is challenging. Try to be as flexible as you can this semester and just know that it will be much easier for you in the spring.

Advisor Alex


Dear Advisor Alex:
I have tried to register for a couple classes that the system is telling me are reserved for freshmen. How do I know which classes are for freshmen? Will they ever be open to other students?

Continuing Connor

Dear Continuing:
There are a couple ways to tell. First, if you search the class schedule online: and click on the notes icon next to a class you are interested in, it will give you more information about restrictions on the class, such as being open only to freshmen, and what requirements it fulfills. Another way to know is to keep in mind that, in general, course sections above 80 are reserved for freshmen, so you should look for courses with section numbers 80 and below. Open seats in the freshmen-reserved classes will be released to other students right before classes start, but there are still freshmen entering so there may not be any seats left by then. You should probably choose some back up options in the mean time.

Advisor Alex


Dear Advisor Alex:
I am a new transfer student and I want to take a class that has a pre-requisite. I took the pre-requisite at my previous college, but it transferred in as an elective so the registration system doesn’t recognize it as the class I need. Is there any way I can get in?

Starting Stanley

Dear Starting:
This is another complication that new transfers sometimes encounter. Courses you need to act as prerequisites may not be on your transcript yet, or may not have transferred in as the class you need them to be. In these instances, you need to get a copy of the course description for the class you took (often this is available on your previous college’s website or in their catalog) and bring it to the department here at Hunter that is offering the class you want to take. They will then evaluate the course you took and decide if it is sufficient to act as a prerequisite. Again, as a transfer student, the first semester is often the most complicated and requires some legwork to get everything in place, but by spring registration things will be much simpler so hang in there!

Advisor Alex


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