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POLICIES: Course Withdrawal


POLICIES: Course Withdrawal

Hunter has three types of grades of withdrawal: W, WA, and WU. There may be serious academic and financial consequences associated with course withdrawal. Discuss your situation with an Advisor in the Office of Student Services, 1119 East Building or in the Office of Financial Aid, 241 North Building.

W (Official Withdrawal)
You may withdraw officially with a grade of W between the third week of classes and the first day of the tenth week of classes. The official deadline date for each semester and summer term is published in the academic calendar. After the deadline, a withdrawal will be recommended by the Office of Student Services only when it is clear that you have compelling reasons, (e.g., medical emergency, and adequate documentation, such as a formal letter from healthcare provider.) In such cases, you must submit formal verification of your last date of class attendance from your instructor(s). For more information, download Late Course Withdrawal Guidelines (PDF).

WA (Administrative Withdrawal)
If you have failed to comply with all immunization requirements, the WA grade will be assigned to each course for which you are registered. See Health Services for immunization information and forms.

WU (Unofficial Withdrawal)
If you have ceased to participate in a course but have not withdrawn officially, you shall be deemed to have withdrawn unofficially. Evidence of unofficial withdrawal includes failure to attend class meetings for at least four weeks consecutively through the end of the semester (the last day of classes); failure over this period to meet any course requirements; and failure to attend the final examination. The WU, by CUNY regulations, is equivalent to a grade of F.

For more information about course withdrawal and grades of W, WA, and WU, visit the Registrar online, or consult the Hunter College Undergraduate Catalog.

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