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POLICIES: Probation


If your Hunter GPA falls below the established retention level (see below), you are automatically placed on academic probation. If you do not achieve the minimum GPA during the probationary period, you will be automatically dismissed from the college.

Credits Minimum GPA
Grade Average
0-12 1.50 D
13-24 1.75 D
25+ 2.00 C

If you are dismissed from the college, you may attend the first summer term at Hunter to improve your GPA, but only those grades earned at Hunter will be calculated into the Hunter GPA.

Academic dismissal may be appealed. If your dismissal appeal is approved, you may remain at Hunter. If it is denied, you may not be readmitted until you have been separated from The City University of New York for at least one semester or the equivalent calendar time. You may obtain an Application for Readmission at the OASIS, 217 North Building.

For more information about probation, meet with an Advisor in the Office of Student Services, or consult the Hunter College Undergraduate Catalog.

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