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Israel Abramov

Ph.D., Indiana University

Contact Information:
Israel Abramov
Department of Psychology
Hunter College, Room 606N
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Current Areas of Research:
I am interested in how the visual system encodes information about the world and how the neuronal responses relate to our sensory capacities. Much of my work deals with color vision, ranging from variations in color sensation across the retina to the linguistics of color terminology and color categories. More recently I have expanded my research to explore precisely how color vision is intertwined with other visual functions such as spatial and temporal resolution, motion sensitivity, and binocular depth perception. In all this work, the goal is to relate the sensory findings to physiological mechanisms and to use the behavioral data to constrain physiological models of visual processes. I also study development of vision in infants and how vision changes across the life span. Part of this involves devising new technologies to study vision in individuals who cannot be tested with standard laboratory procedures. Some of the research shades over into applied areas: I study vision in populations with specific neurological deficits both to help define their neurological status and to provide a basis for improving treatment. I also examine the impact changing the visual environment on quality-of-life, as in the choice of the optimal lighting for illuminating art works in museums.

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