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Victoria Luine

Ph.D., S.U.N.Y at Buffalo

Contact Information:
Dr. Victoria Luine
Department of Psychology
Hunter College, Room 629N
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Tel: (212) 772-4223
Lab:(212) 772-4234

Current Areas of Research:
The contributions of specific neurotransmitters to the decline of memory function with aging are investigated. Rats are evaluated for spatial memory using the eight-arm radial maze and their brains are examined neurochemically using high resolution liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection, radiochemical techniques and micro-fluorometric techniques. Experiments are also evaluating whether steroid hormones of adrenal or gonadal origin may influence performance and/or neurochemicals and thereby influence the aging process.

Other projects are investigating the role of serotonin in the expression and regulation of female sexual behavior. A combination of behavioral and neurochemical techniques are applied. Specific nuclei within the preoptic-hypothalamus continuum are sampled and analyzed for content of monoamines, serotonin and their metabolites. Changes in levels and/or activity of the monoamines are correlated with changes in behavioral receptivity induced by pharmacological (drugs or hormones) or physiological (estrus cycle, neonatal manipulation) means. Dialysis probes are also inserted into the hypothalamus using stereotaxic surgery techniques, and serotonin release is measured in vivo in a conscious rat in relation to lordosis responsivity.

Selected Publications:

Luine, V.N., Mohan, G., Tu, Z. and Efange, S.M.N., Chromaproline and Chromaperidine, nicotine agonists, and Donepezil, cholinesterase inhibitor, enhance memory tasks in ovariectomized rats. Pharmac. Biochem. & Behav. 74: 213-21 (2002).

Luine, V.N., Sex differences in chronic stress effects on memory in rats. Stress 5: 205-216 (2002).

Beck, K.D. and Luine V.N., Sex differences in behavioral and neurochemical profiles after chronic stress: Role of housing conditions. Physiology and Behavior 75: 661-73 (2002).

Alves, S., Hoskin, E., Lee, S.J., Brake, W.G., Luine, V.N., Ferguson, D., Allen, P.B., Greengard, P. and McEwen, B.S., Serotonin mediates CA1 spine density but is not crucial for ovarian steroid regulation of synaptogenesis in the female rat hippocampus. Synapse 45: 143-51 (2002).

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