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A Record-Breaking Spring for Hunter Student Fulbrights

The U.S. Department of State regularly names Hunter a “Top Producer” of Fulbright award-winning students . . .  and this year, the news is better than ever! Eight Hunter-educated Fulbright candidates an unprecedented number were offered the coveted grant for work and study abroad (and, in Fulbright terms, are now called Finalists).

Two graduating Hunter seniors and two recent Hunter graduates have accepted the award. Hunter is also the home campus of CUNY Fulbright Finalist Michael Clark (CUNY BA ’17).

After weighing multiple options, three members of the Hunter Class of 2017 have decided to forego the Fulbright. Valedictorian David Kanbergs has instead accepted a fellowship from The American University in Cairo's Center for Arabic Study Abroad. Heather Armijo, with her newly minted MSW, will stay in New York to begin working in complex-care management at Mount Sinai. And Sara Clemente is headed to Stanford University, where she’ll earn an MA in Latin American studies on a full tuition scholarship.

We congratulate all eight recipients of 2017 Fulbright offers. And as four Finalists prepare for their Fulbright year abroad teaching, conducting research, and building lasting relationships with the people of their host countries we look at their backgrounds, interests, Fulbright projects, and post-Fulbright plans:

Jane Breakell, MFA ’14 – Destination: Canada

Norine Chan ’17 – Destination: Taiwan
Robert Roth, MA ’16 – Destination: Colombia

John Wetmore ’17 – Destination: Spain

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