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Hunter Model U.N. Brings Home Outstanding Award at Baruch Model U.N.

Hunter Model U.N. Brings Home Outstanding Award at Baruch Model U.N.

Dr. Shaw, Tracy Brown, Evelyn Prinz-Ortiz and Francine Lontok (International Atomic Energy Agency) at Roosevelt House, briefing the Hunter College Model U.N. Team.

Representing Algeria, sophomore Andrew Joyce won the coveted Outstanding Delegation Award in the General Assembly at the regional Model U.N. competition. Senior Graceann Barrett, representing Gabon on the U.N. Security Council, brought home the Peer Award and junior Mark Cheney, representing Russia, won an Honorable Mention. The Hunter College Model U.N. Team is now preparing for the National Model U.N. Competition where they will represent Somalia and the Dominican Republic. 

Model UN, Spring 2011
Left to right: Jesus Perez, Senior Head Delegate, Hunter College Model U.N.; Tracy C. Brown, IAEA; and Geoffrey Shaw, New York Director of the IAEA to the U.N. at Roosevelt House.

In preparation for that competition, the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency at the United Nations, Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, and Tracy Brown, the Liaison and Public Affairs Officer at the United Nations, came to Roosevelt House to brief the Hunter College Model U.N. Team on radiation in Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami; issues of nuclear non-proliferation; the nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea as well as the IAEA’s work Syria and Libya; and, prevention of nuclear terrorism.

Shaw, the former Working Group Chair of the U.N. Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force Report on Preventing and Responding to Weapons of Mass Destruction Attacks, told Hunter’s students, “This is no time for complacency.” Before becoming the Representative of the IAEA Director General to the United Nations, he represented Australia on issues related to disarmament, non-proliferation, nuclear safeguards and nuclear security. He answered students' questions on U.N. preparations for a nuclear or radiological terrorist incident, efforts by the IAEA to use nuclear technologies to support environmental sustainability, and the recent crises in Japan.

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