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Submitting Letters of Recommendation

If I have graduated from college some time ago, can I get professional letters of recommendation?

Yes, but we recommend that letters of recommendation address the specific requirements for the program to which you are applying. Please contact the program adviser to inquire about any specific requirements.

Does Hunter College accept letters from career services?


If a recommender is unable to submit their Letter into the online application system, whom should they contact?

 If a recommender encounters any issues with the submission process, he/she should contact the online application system Technical Support. Technical Support can be contacted by clicking on the "Need Help" link

May I submit more than the required two (three for some programs) letters of recommendation?

Yes, but no more than five. However, some programs restrict the number of letters an applicant may submit. For further information please contact the program adviser.

Can I see my letters of recommendation?

Applicants are not permitted to inspect letters of recommendation in their Hunter files. If you are admitted to Hunter and enroll, you may make an appointment at the Graduate Admissions Office to see your letters of recommendation unless you have previously waived the right to access on the form.

Do I have to wait for the recommenders to submit their reference letters before I can submit the online graduate degree application?

No, you do not. However, in order to submit the online application - you must add the information of at least two (2) recommenders to the Recommendation section of the online graduate degree application.

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