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Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program


The Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program (HCLPP) is a collaborative effort that provides services to high school students at risk of dropping out. HCLPP is a collaboration of post-secondary institutions, high schools, parents, community-based organizations, local governments and the business community.  HCLPP provides resources to ensure that students who are at risk of dropping out will achieve academic and personal excellence, graduate from high school, and enter post-secondary education and/or the workforce as highly competent young adults.


The Liberty Partnerships Program was established in 1988 under Section 612, Subdivision 6 of the Education Law to address the significant school dropout rate among New York's youth. The bipartisan Bill stated that "the failure of many young New Yorkers to complete their secondary education limits their opportunity for a life of fulfillment, prevents them from advancing into post-secondary education and hinders the State's efforts to provide a well-trained workforce for business and industry in New York."

The Liberty Partnerships Program is included in New York's Statewide Plan for Higher Education as a strategy to maximize the successful transition of students who are at risk of dropping out of school into graduates, fully prepared for the rigors of higher education.  Graduates will be ready to address the critical workforce and economic development challenges of the Empire State.

The Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program is one of  41 Liberty Partnerships Programs across New York State and one of 14 Liberty Partnerships Programs in the New York City metropolitan area. All partnerships are between colleges/universities and junior high/high schools. HCLPP is a collaboration between Hunter College and two public high schools in New York City: Vanguard High School and Harlem Renaissance High School.

The Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program is a truly collaborative model in that our program works with our partner school’s administrators, teachers, and guidance staff to serve our students.  We work as a team with our partners and are well-integrated within both of our schools.  We are relied upon for our expertise in counseling, guidance, and college and workforce preparation and are utilized to enhance the positive development of our youth.

Success Rate

Statewide data for 2018-2019 (Most Recently Available Data):

Student-School Persistence Rate among LPP Students: 98%

LPP High School Graduation Rate: 94-96%

LPP graduating students planning to attend College : 65%

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Student Testimonials

"LPP has helped me a lot academically and with personal encounters. I really appreciate all of their help. I'm able to use the computers to complete assignments. I was able to create a resume and any time I just need to talk, they give me the best advice they could." - Elisandra M.

"I'm new to the school and LPP has helped me very much."
- Jazmine K.

"LPP has been a group of people who truly cares for every single person who enters the room, and that includes strangers."
-Brian S.

"LPP is helpful because whenever I need someone to talk to, I can come to LPP. When I need help with my assignments or homework, I can also come to LPP."
-Brittany C.

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