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Schedule of Classes

HumBio courses can be viewed on 'Global Search'

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list and Hunter College Reserves the right to change, add, and cancel courses. These documents are for winformational purposes only. Check the Registrar's website or CUNYfirst for the most current course information.

Information on Requesting Permission for Classes

BIOL Classes
Upper level biology courses require permission from the Biology Department. The Biology Department has an online form that you can fill out to request permission. Detailed information and a link to the online form can be found here:

Please use this online form to request permission. Do not email either us or the Biology Department asking for permission. Note, when selecting your major, Human Biology majors must select "Human Biology".

ANTH Classes
We do not offer permissions for ANTH classes - for that you must contact Anthropology at For ANTHP 105, d
eclared Human Biology majors should be able to directly enroll in designated sections. Read the class notes for each section offered in ANTHP 105 to learn which are open to Human Biology majors.

HMBIO Classes
Please contact for more information regarding HMBIO 401: Senior Capstone and to request a seat in the class for the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.

For information on HMBIO 402 or 403 (the independent study or internship), please view the internship page on our website or contact the Human Biology office for information.

Public Health/Nutrition Courses
Read the class notes for each PH or NFS course offered for information on pre requisites and to learn which classes are reserved for Human Biology majors. Make sure you ONLY try to register for classes when you meet the pre requisites and for those designated for Human Biology majors.

Please refer to the Listserv emails sent prior to enrollment for request forms for PH and NFS Courses.

Do not email Public Health asking for permission.

Retaking Courses
If you are retaking a course that you have received credit for in order to get a higher grade, you must get permission from the department offering the course. The registrar has created an online version of this form that can be found here

Please note that you can (and should) request permission to more than one section in case your preferred section is full. List your sections and class numbers in order of preference. (Class numbers are the four digit codes to the left of LAB sections.)

The Human Biology Program does not grant these permissions. For Faculty/Advisor information, you need to provide information for the department offering the course. Failure to do so can result in delaying your permission and you may lose out on your preferred section.

All Other Courses
As a general rule, permissions are granted by the department that is offering the course. As a general rule, permissions are granted by the department that is offering the course. With the exceptions listed above (Public Health/Nutrition, Biology), please contact the department offering the class:

Department of Biological Sciences
Hunter North 927

Department of Chemistry
Hunter North 1307

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Hunter East 919

Department of Psychology
Hunter North 611

Department of Sociology
Hunter West 1622

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