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How do I declare Human Biology? Can I declare Human Biology? I have a question about declaring, whom do I ask?

You can declare your major online or plan to visit with a Hum Bio advisor. Visit HERE for information on major declaration and advising.


How do I know if I am ready to graduate in Human Biology?

Refer to this document for a graduation checklist for Human Biology.


What can I do with a major in Human Biology?

Refer to this document for a list of potential paths for Human Biology majors. Please schedule an appointment with a Human Biology advisor to find out more.


What is the best way for me to keep informed about the Human Biology Major? How does the program disseminate information?

Join the listserv HERE and read the website.


When/Where are your office hours? When/Where can I meet you? Can I make an appointment?

Advising hours and rooms are listed HERE


Is there a Human Biology Student Club?

Yes! Visit the Club website here, find us on Facebook at Human Biology Club - Hunter, and follow us on Instagram at humanbioclub_hc. Questions/Comments? E-mail the Club at


What is the Human Biology Student Club?

The purpose of the Human Biology Club is to encourage a fellowship amongst students who are interested in the major, as well as students who are interested in the wide variety of academic disciplines the major offers. We welcome students from all academic backgrounds to foster a community of scholars who are passionate about the holistic framework that accompanies the major. Through social events, workshops, fundraising, etc., we hope to create a supportive environment for students that encourages intellectual conversation, as well as mentorship amongst club members who may have experiences to share (i.e. research interests/opportunities, internships, information about career prospects after graduating with a degree in Human Biology, graduate school application advice, etc.)


What classes count toward the major?

Check the catalog HERE and also see the list of available classes HERE which can help you choose classes for the upcoming semester.


Is MATH125 and CHEM102 a requirement for the Human Biology Major major?

The Allied Courses Math125 and CHEM102 are not required to graduate with a Human Biology degree.  If you have completed BIOL100 before completing the Allied Courses, you do not need to take MATH125 or CHEM102.


How do I better understand the different parts of my DegreeWorks page? How do I know what I need to complete my major according to DegreeWorks? How do I use the DegreeWorks "What if?" function (Which can tell me how my current courses fit into the Human Biology Major)?

Well, here is the link to the DegreeWorks FAQ:
one of this necessarily replaces a meeting with your advisor from Advising Services or Human Bio.


Can I e-permit or transfer a course?

Human Biology does not have rules about this over and above the general Hunter / CUNY rules. 50% of your Human Biology Major credits must be taken at Hunter (18 credits). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many non-Hunter BIOL equivalents are less than 4.5 credits. The overall credit count for the Human Biology major must be 36 credits. Therefore, if your e-permited or transferred BIOL courses are less than 4.5 credits each, you will likely need to add credits to the major to get to 36. You can do this in different ways (e.g. taking an additional track class, taking a 4.5 credit track class, completing an internship or independent study, or taking additional semester of the alternate BIOL sequence) but you should see your Advisor for specifics of your particular case.


Can I do Credit/No Credit for a Hum Bio Major course?

Human Biology does not have rules about this over and above the general Hunter / CUNY rules. If you have a Credit grade in the Human Biology Core, it will be calculated as a 2.0 into the GPA requirement.


Is e-permitting or doing C/NC a "good idea" or a "bad idea"?

It is difficult to answer this sort of question definitively. Consult with a Huma Bio advisor or with your advisor in Advising Services. You may also wish to discuss this with the Pre-Health Advisor, if you are pre-health.


Should I include my EMPLID when I E-mail my advisors?

Yes, you should always include your EMPLID!


What advice is there for registering?

Make sure that you register as soon as you possibly can, i.e. ON your registration date. You visit with an advisor BEFORE your registration date to discuss your course plan.


A specific course is closed, how can I register?

You can join the wait list (if one is offered), you can check CUNYFirst daily to see if a seat opens up, and/or you can request an overtally from the faculty teaching the course.



This is the “capstone class” for the major. It is a seminar style course that addresses some of the key contemporary topics and debates in human biology from multiple vantage points. Work includes critical discussion of media and books related to human biology. Students also will work on a capstone project. See the info on prerequisites and how to register in the FAQ above. Click here for more info on Capstone itself.

How/When do I register for the Capstone (HMBIO40100)?

Students can request to take the Capstone only after they have taken ANTHP105 and 21 credits towards the major, typically this will be your "senior year" (after your 90th credit). Each registration period, a message will be sent to the listserv with instructions for how to request permission.


How do I register for PH (Public Health) or NFS (Nutrition Food Science) courses?

Each registration period, a message will be sent to the listserv with instructions. Typically, some PH and NFS courses will allow declared Hum Bio students to register while others will have a wait list. Public Health courses are listed under "Public Health-PH" or "Public Healths-NFS" in the “subject" section of the "class search" menu on CUNYfirst.


How can I find information on Internships?

Look HERE, at the INTERNSHIP page.


Any more helpful tips?

Refer to these documents on How to Email a Professor and How to Request a Recommendation Letter.


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