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It just takes a minute. Fill this form to request a subsite in the Hunter WebCMS.

Download the two-page cheatsheet as a PDF, or pick up a copy at the Technology Resource Center located in Hunter North room 1001K.


Support Details

In order for the WebCMS Support Team to help you better troubleshoot your WebCMS issues, it is important to identify the tools you are using to navigate the web and to access Hunter's WebCMS. Basic information such as your operating system or web browser, your IP address, or even your screen resolution can help us troubleshoot faster. Note: you don't need to know how to retrieve this information from your machine; just follow these four simple steps.

1. Support Details is a free website that will safely collect information about your configuration and summarize it in a text email. Click here to visit Support Details.

2. On the landing page of Support Details, type your name and your email address (both in Your Email and in the Recipient's Email). Hit the Send Details blue button (see image below) when done:


3. Check your inbox for a message titled Support Details submission from <Your Name>

4. Forward this email to and, in the body of the message, please explain the issue you are experiencing with the WebCMS (i.e. an image is not displaying, my form is not working properly, etc.).

With this information we will be able to work faster to solve your problem.

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