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Affiliated Researchers and Internships

Affiliated Researchers and Research Assistants

Karen Stubaus. Affiliated
Researcher on Racial and
Gender Equity, Vice President
for Academic Affairs and
Administration, Rutgers University.
Jacob Apkarian. Research Fellow,
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Department of Behavioral Sciences
York College, City University of New York.
Joseph van der Naald.
Graduate Student Researcher
Program in Sociology
The Graduate Center, CUNY.

Research Assistants

Erin Ward is a PhD
student in sociology
at the CUNY Graduate Center.
Melanie Kruvelis is
a graduate student
at the CUNY School
of Labor and Urban Studies.
Anu Biswas is
a graduate student
at the CUNY School
of Labor and Urban Studies.

Hunter College Undergraduate Research Intern

Anna Xia is a student in Hunter College's Athena Honors Program and an active member of the Pre-Law Program. She aspires to become an immigration lawyer to help those in her community seeking a better life. In pursuit of a future career in law, she has been studying a broad range of subjects to enable her to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable attorney.

Law Fellowships

The National Center offers students a law fellowship program that provides recent law school graduates interested in collective bargaining issues and a career in labor and employment law with an opportunity to research contemporary issues for up to a year on a volunteer basis, without a longer-term commitment.

If you are interested in an internship or our Law Fellowship Program, please submit a cover letter and resume to:  All other inquiries regarding internship opportunities at the National Center should be directed to our Administrator Michelle Savarese (212) 481-7662.