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Services and Publications

Annual Conferences
Since 1973, the National Center has held an annual national conference in New York City. Prominent academic labor and management officials and leading scholars present research and analysis concerning collective bargaining and labor relations in higher education and the professions. The proceedings from our annual conferences are posted on our website and are available here:

Regional Workshops and Presentations
Throughout its history, the National Center has organized regional workshops and presentations focused on further educating attendees on relevant subjects concerning collective bargaining and labor relations. The National Center welcomes requests to organize regional workshops and presentations from institutions and organizations.

For over forty years, the National Center has published directories of faculty contracts, bibliographies on collective bargaining topics, and scholarly journals and newsletters.

The Directory of Faculty Contracts and Bargaining Agents is a compilation and a statistical analysis of full-time and part-time faculty and graduate student employee collective bargaining agreements throughout the United States broken down by state and institution.  The latest edition was published in September 2012. The order form is located on our webpage.

In 2008, the National Center launched the Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy as a new platform for research and commentary on collective bargaining and labor relations issues in higher education.  The journal is edited by Jeffrey F. Cross, Eastern Illinois University (Emeritus) and Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona. Published volumes of the journal are available here:

From 1973 to 2000, the National Center published a newsletter containing scholarly articles and data.  Those newsletters are available here:  In 2014, the National Center resumed publishing a newsletter in electronic form, known as the National Center E-Note, which is available here: