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Italiano per famiglie e amici

Italian classes for family and friends are a great way to learn or master your Italian  language. With this new program, we will team your family (and/or friends) with a private Italian-language instructor who will customize the experience to your group’s specific needs and schedule.
Please note: This program is for family and friends 12 years of age and above.

Who should take this course?
This course is for a group of family and friends who want to develop and improve their Italian skills to communicate better. The classes include reading, writing, grammar, and listening and speaking skills. Our faculty will tailor the program to your group’s unique needs.

How does it work?

  1. Placement test: To make sure that you and your group are in the right level of study, we have a placement test. If you know that your level is beginner, then the whole group will start in a beginner level.
  2. Classes are done online via Zoom.
  3. Classes should be completed in two weeks.
  4. Class material will be provided by the instructors.
  5. Private lessons must be paid prior to the lesson via phone or online registration.
  6. No Discount for private lesson because they are already discounted

After you complete a session, you can continue to practice at home with your family and friends.

Lezione tutti i giorni per 1 settimana dal lunedì al venerdì (2 ore al giorno) totale 10 ore

10 ore

Number of Students

Tuition per Student


2 - 3











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