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Your Online Presence

If you’re not actively using LinkedIn, you are missing out on tons of great opportunities – many of which are never advertised. LinkedIn is the #1 business networking site in the world and most people and especially students are missing out on the many benefits it offers. If you develop and execute an effective strategy for using LinkedIn, you will be head and shoulders above your competition.  Here are some tips you can use to get the most out of LinkedIn

  1. List Every Job - When you write a resume it's okay to be selective but on LinkedIn you should list every job you've had because recruiters may be searching for people who worked at a particular company in the past
  2. Give Details About Every Position - It may seem like a pain but it is important to give details so that recruiters know what you have done. Your descriptions will naturally contain keywords that recruiters use to search
  3. Build a Strong Network of Connections - Since LinkedIn will always show results based on who is most closely connected to you, it is important that you hvae a strong network of connections
  4. List your Skills and Get Recommended - Recruiters also search LinkedIn based off of skills so you do yourself a great service by listing all the skills you have. It is even better if you can get endorsed or recommended for these skills.

After you have a strong LinkedIn profile you can start using it to network on LinkedIn. Networking is very important considering that hiring managers and recruiters prefer candidates who come with a referral from someone they trust.

Networking is uncomfortable for many people but it is important to remember that Networking is NOT about asking people to get you a job, it is about making mutually beneficial connections.

Your first step in networking should be to reconnect with old friends and collegues. When you do this over LinkedIn, you should always change the default message LinkedIn provides to make the invitation more personal and maybe remind the person how they know you.

Once you have made your new connections, let them know that you’re looking for work and, where appropriate, give them easy ways to help. For example, you might ask some of your contacts if they know any good recruiters (more on how to use recruiters in my next email so look out for that!). This is an easy favor for them. It doesn’t take long to type a few names into an email or send a few links, and you have instantly gained access to more people who may be able to help with your search, while subtly informing your friend that you are in the market for a new job. Another possibility is to ask your friend to listen out at his or her company for suitable vacancies. You might ask some people to chat with you about their company or their industry – an informational meeting to help you learn whether it might be a good fit for you.

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