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QuBi @Hunter College

Hunter's interdisciplinary program in Quantitative Biology/Bioinformatics

Hunter College is one of only nine institutions of higher education in the country to offer an interdisciplinary program in quantitative biology.  Students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics can add a quantitative biology concentration to their major.  Among the many benefits of this innovative program are access to competitive scholarships, small classes, training by a multidisciplinary team of research scientists and dedicated academics, individual mentoring, the opportunity to participate in research conducted at Hunter and nationally, topnotch preparation for graduate studies and for scientific careers in this new frontier.

Qubi concentrators will learn statistical and computational methods and how to apply those methods to the processing, storage, analysis, visualization and modeling of large-scale molecular biological data.  They will develop the research, communication and collaborative skills to contribute to the solution of problems in bioinformatics as members of a multidisciplinary team.

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Students who wish to pursue the Bioinformatics (QuBi) track in their major should see a QuBi Advisor .  Students can declare the Bioinformatics concentration when they declare a major in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics.

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The following core science courses are required of students in all the participating majors:

BIOL 100            Principles of Biology I
CHEM 102, 104  General Chemistry I and II
CHEM 106          General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 222          Organic Chemistry I
MATH 150, 155   Calculus with Analytic Geometry I and II
STAT 213            Introduction to Applied Statistics
BIOL 425            Computational Molecular Biology (the capstone course)


Biology QuBi concentrators will employ research tools to analyze biological databases in search of biomedical discoveries.  They will have sufficient knowledge of computer programming, database design and statistical methods to perform computational and statistical analyses of data generated by high throughput technologies.


Chemistry QuBi concentrators will be able to analyze biomedical problems on the basis of molecular structures.  To this end students will acquire knowledge of molecular visualization and modeling, and develop the skills to work with high throughput technologies, such as DNA microarrays.

Computer Science

Computer science QuBi concentrators will master a repertoire of algorithms in computational biology, acquire knowledge of biological databases and data formats and gain expertise in programming languages to enable them to design, develop and implement tools for use in bioinformatics.


Mathematics QuBi concentrators will be able to develop and implement numerical algorithms as well as define and apply stochastic and deterministic mathematical models for the study of biological processes.


Statistics QuBi concentrators will be able to explore, summarize, produce and interpret graphical representations for as well as implement probabilistic models and make statistical inference from biological/omics data.

If interested in pursuing the QuBi concentration, contact a QuBi Advisor

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Hunter's SciMON (Science and Mathematics Opportunities Network) initiative encompasses a network of research and mentoring programs that can help you succeed as you pursue your undergraduate degree and continue onto graduate school and/or an exciting career in research, teaching or in the health professions.  Many SciMON programs are designed to increase, encourage and support the inclusion of under-represented groups in science, such as women, veterans, members of racial and ethnic minorities, students with disabilities, those who are the first generation in their families to attend college and students with demonstrated financial need.  SciMON provides easy access to information about ALL of the research and mentoring programs available at Hunter.

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