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Where are you located?

The RWC is located on the 7th floor of the library, in the Silverstein Student Success Center. 

How can I get help from the RWC?

Matriculated undergraduate and graduate students at the college can register for a regular weekly tutoring appointment, come in for drop-in sessions on a first-come, first-served basis, or work with an online Chat tutor. Students are also invited to make use of our handout materials, available in print and online.

Can I drop off a paper for a tutor to fix?

No. The RWC is a peer tutoring service. Our tutors can work with you either in person or online at any stage of the writing process to assist you in becoming a better critical reader and academic writer.

Can you edit/proofread my essay for me?

No, we are not an editing or proofreading service, but our tutors can help you develop your own editing and proofreading skills, and improve your essay in the process.

What kinds of things can a tutor help me with?

Tutors can help you with all aspects of the reading and writing processes or with all kinds of papers and research projects, including:

  • critical reading of texts you are writing about
  • understanding the requirements of, and ways to respond to, assignment prompts
  • brainstorming ideas to write about
  • developing a thesis
  • outlining and organizing
  • structuring and developing paragraphs
  • researching topics using the Hunter library print works and databases as well as other electronic and Internet resources
  • citing sources and preparing a bibliography according to MLA, APA, Chicago, or other academic styles required by departments at the college
  • revising and editing drafts
  • proofreading errors of syntax, grammar, spelling, etc.

Do you help with non-academic writing?

Yes, we help with admission and scholarship application essays, statements of purpose, cover letters and resumes, as well as other business and professional correspondence.

Can I see someone with expertise in my major?

RWC tutors are writing tutors, not subject tutors, though they're trained to help students with academic writing from across the curriculum. They cannot tell you if your content and factual information are correct, but they can help you analyze and understand subject matter texts and express your ideas as clearly and effectively as possible.

How can I get a weekly tutoring session?

If you would like to sign up for a weekly session, either in person or live online, you can fill out this form:

What should I bring to my tutoring sessions?

Whatever you'd like! Many students bring drafts of their papers, but if you don't have a finished draft (or even a partial draft), bring whatever you have written. Please bring a copy of your writing assignment and class syllabus, and if you're working on a revision, please bring in any earlier drafts with instructor comments. It’s best to also bring whatever text your writing is responding to or that you are citing in your paper.

If you aren't currently working on a specific paper, that's fine, too. Your tutor will be pleased to help you with annotation and critical reading, researching a topic, grammar skills, or any related aspect of the writing process. If you have an academic reading or writing problem, bring it to the Center and we will help.

What should I do if I'm going to be late or absent?

To cancel an appointment, notify the Center in person, cancel the session via WCOnline, or email the Center at If you have to cancel a session, your tutor is then available to work with another student. If you're running late, contact us so we can adjust your tutor’s schedule as appropriate.

Are services available to non-Hunter students?

Our service is designated for registered Hunter College students. However, we offer limited assistance to alumni and applicants to college programs, particularly for academic admission and scholarship application essays as well as personal statements and resume writing.

Can I give my tutor's contact information to my professor?

Peer tutoring at Hunter College is an arrangement between the student and the tutor, regardless of whether or not your instructor referred you or suggested you might benefit from tutoring. If your instructors are interested in your progress, they are welcome to contact the supervisory staff at the Center and to request a mid-semester progress report or visit the Center to review their session summaries. The Center emails  you session summaries after each session, for your own information and, if you wish, to show to your instructor(s).

How can I become a tutor?

The Hunter College RWC is a peer tutoring program; as such, all tutors must be Hunter College students. If you are a matriculated student at the college, you should complete a Tutor Application form, available online and at the Center. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply, but the potential applicant must have at least one year of course work remaining at Hunter College and be willing to make a two-semester tutoring commitment. All first-year tutors are also required to attend a weekly meeting on Wednesdays from 2–3 p.m.

Interviews of applicants for the fall semester are usually scheduled in July/August, and interviews for the spring semester are scheduled in December/January.

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