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Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum is founded on the principle that students learn by writing—they learn to write by engaging in a variety of academic writing activities, and they learn subject matter by writing about it. WAC is a practical pedagogy, rich in methods teachers can use to design effective assignments, perform efficient assessment, provide useful feedback to student writers, and utilize writing to engage course material. WAC is prescriptive but not restrictive. Faculty can adopt or adapt whatever means or insight they find in the extensive literature on WAC and its best practices that is appropriate and advantageous to learning in the discipline or the lesson at hand. You do not have to be an expert on writing or on WAC to apply its methods and benefit from its application.

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Hunter includes:

  • Consultation on writing pedagogy provided by experts in the field;
  • The CUNY WAC Fellows Program, a collaboration between Fellows from the CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter faculty and staff in the effort to address issues of writing in the disciplines;
  • Faculty Development seminars and workshops on academic-writing related topics, which provide faculty, full- and part-time, an opportunity to share, discover, and develop strategies to help them manage and improve student writing in their classes.  

Every writing-to-learn activity demonstrates and delivers the central message of Writing Across the Curriculum: when you write about a subject, you learn about it. The WAC Program often collaborates with the Rockowitz Writing Center, Hunter College's academic writing tutorial service for students across the curriculum at every level. If you are interested in learning more about Writing Across the Curriculum and the services furnished by the Hunter WAC Program, please contact


Dennis Paoli
ext. 14014
Prof. Trudy Smoke
ext.1 5742