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BARFIT Subcommittee Projects & Outcomes 2010-2011



Strategies to Meet Objectives

Assessment Method


Outcomes /Results

Program/Office/Department Performing Assessment

What does the department/ program do to meet the goals --- what practices are currently in place


What is done to meet the objective – how does the department meet the objective (already in place)

How will this practice (objective) be assessed – what tools are used to see if the objective is working

What question are you trying to answer

What does the data say

Financial Aid

In order to aid in retention of Hunter College students, the Office of Financial Aid provides counseling and solutions for students in need of financial assistance.

Students can see a one-on-one financial aid counselor by appointment, or queue up to seek assistance at the OFA front desk.

OFA will assess the effectiveness of its services by monitoring repeat visits at the front desk and with counselors.

Does OFA provide adequate services?

In a report detailing 101 students’ OFA experiences, we see awards ranging from $1,000 to $25,469.  8 awards are over $10K, 10 awards are between $6K and $10K, and the rest are less than $6K.  78 students saw OFA staff 0-2 times, 20 saw staff 3-4 times, and 3 saw staff 5-6 times.

Welcome Center

The Department of Recruitment and Outreach (Welcome Center) partners with area high schools and community organizations, offering pre-admission advising and hosting College information sessions and tours.

Prospective students seek information about Hunter College by inquiring at the Welcome Center.  They can tour the campus, attend info sessions, request programmatic and campus information, etc…

The Welcome Center surveyed all campus visitors attending info sessions or tours over the 2010-11 academic year.

What should be included on a tour of Hunter’s campus?

Survey results show that visitors are satisfied overall with campus tours and info sessions.


The Registrar’s Office designs and implements efficient systems for student registration, class scheduling, and room assignments; creates and maintains accurate academic records, and ensures the integrity of the Hunter College degree.

To assist a larger number of students, registration assistance sessions are scheduled for the first day of each semester. During the fall semester additional sessions are held during the late registration period. In addition, transfer advising services, graduate & undergraduate admission offices request registration assistance sessions for their specific population of students (non-degree, non-matriculated & transfer).

A brief survey is completed by students to gather the overall effectiveness and experience of the registration process at Hunter College.

Why do students have a problem registering for classes?

The most common registration issues:

Closed Courses

Departmental permission required prior to registering for a course

Faculty unavailable for over-tally and departmental permissions

Record was not updated

No designated registration time/date

CUNY Portal Account not created