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Scholarship Subcommittee Projects 2011-2012



Strategies to Meet Objectives

Assessment Method


Program/Office/Department Performing Assessment

What does the department/ program do to meet the goals --- what practices are currently in place


What is done to meet the objective – how does the department meet the objective (already in place)

How will this practice (objective) be assessed – what tools are used to see if the objective is working

What question are you trying to answer







Mother’s Day Scholarships

The Mother’s Day Scholarship Program offers scholarships in the amount of $2500 annually to juniors and seniors, provided by donors in honor of their mother or loved one who attended Hunter. Recipients are given the unique opportunity to connect with their donors at a Fall reception, hosted by the college president.

Students are selected in the Spring of the prior academic year. Eligibility criteria for new and continuing scholars includes academic excellence, financial need, enrollment status and in some cases, certain majors or areas of study, depending on the donor intention. Recipients are primarily undergraduate students and in total, there are approximately 150-200 recipients each year.

Review several cohorts (2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012)  to gauge # of semesters scholarship received and graduation rate:

·         Average # of semesters scholarship is received

·         Are students graduating or dropping out

·         Majors

Collaborative effort between Student Affairs and  Financial Aid, obtaining information from:

·         SIMS

·         Internal MD records

·         FAP





What is the Mother’s Day Scholarship program impact on enrollment, retention, and graduation for scholars?




Business Office- Scholarship Disbursment Activity

The Business Office manages the College’s resources, assets, and business affairs. It provides key financial and administrative services which ensure sound business practices concerning the College’s fiscal operations.

The Business Office provides financial management, accounting and fiscal control functions as well as administrative support to the College Community. As a custodian of the College’s non-tax levy funds, the office is responsible for the recording and disbursing of monies as well as upholding restrictions on all funds held by the office.

The Business Office will conduct an assessment to specify which scholarship accounts have very little disbursement activity and investigate any restrictions on said accounts. The Vice President will then be informed with the intention that the signatories of these accounts be contacted to encourage further awarding of funds.

Are there scholarships held in the Business Office which may be available to students that currently have a low disbursement activity?





Office of Financial Aid- Overawarding of Funds

The mission of the Office of Financial Aid is to consider every student who files a FAFSA for scholarship eligibility. The accuracy of disbursements must be in compliance with Federal regulations.  A FAFSA enables students the eligibility to receive federal grants as well as loans for a one-year period.

Students who successfully file an electronic FAFSA will be submitted into our scholarship award system, NEXT GEN. The system provides each department with a list of candidates eligible to receive a scholarship as well as accurate budget balances for most of Hunter College’s Foundation and business accounts.




The department will assess the awarding of scholarships with relevance to the over award of funds. Of those student’s receiving scholarships, their EFC will be compared to the amount of aid, loans and scholarships awarded.




What is the degree of over awarding?

What processes can be implemented to prevent this?




Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs




Currently the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs works in conjunction with the Office of Financial Aid/Scholarships to distribute scholarships to students based on need, merit or a combination of both.




While the vast majority of scholarships are distributed through the NEXTGEN tracking system – a few are still awarded outside this system. Specifically, these would include the Friars, Ladies Christian Union and Shapiro scholarships.




The current process of awarding the specified scholarships outside the system will be assessed to determine if parts of the process or the process as a whole can be transitioned to being awarded inside the system. The current process of awarding the scholarships will be contrasted with the NEXTGEN system to see if efficiencies and effectiveness can be increased through use of the system.








Should the scholarships indicated be awarded through and within the NextGen system?