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Certificate Program in Animal Behavior and Conservation

The Department of Psychology offers a Certificate Program in the Advanced Psychology of Animal Behavior and Conservation (ABC) registered with the New York State Education Department. The ABC Certificate provides formal recognition of the training in ABC for students who already possess a baccalaureate or graduate degree in another area and, by virtue of prior educational or practical experience in animal behavior and conservation, are qualified for the additional training described in this proposal.

Courses are scheduled so that the certificate requirements can be completed within one year.  All required, and most other courses, are offered after 5:30 PM enabling students to complete the requirements for the certificate while working.


Criteria for Admission to the Certificate Program

Students must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Applicants will be ranked according to grade point average, two letters of recommendation, personal statement, as well as, course work and experience relevant to animal behavior and conservation. Students must demonstrate research skills, either through relevant work outside of the program or successful completion of an independent research or field project.


Requirements for Certificate in ABC

To obtain the Certificate in ABC, students must complete a total of 15 credits (five three credit courses). This consists of two required courses and an additional three courses chosen from those listed as Electives (see below).

Required Courses

            PSYCH 717- Animal Behavior and Conservation in Captivity and the Wild

            PSYCH 751.03- Basic Psychological Processes 1: Perception, Learning & Comparative Cognition or                                          a course in animal learning, comparative cognition or the equivalent.


            PSYCH 641- Comparative Psychology

            PSYCH 690- Independent Research*

            PSYCH 707.01- Thesis Research

            PSYCH 716- Animal Behavior I: Mechanisms of Behavior

            PSYCH 717.51- Field Studies in Animal Behavior and Conservation

            PSYCH 718- Ethology

            PSYCH 730- Psychology of Learning

            PSYCH 739- Research Methods in Animal Behavior

            PSYCH 754- Applied Animal Welfare and Behavior

            PSYCH 757-  Animal Thinking and Communication

            PSYCH 750.xx- Special Topics *

* Special Topics courses and Independent Research projects related to the concentration will vary with student interests and faculty availability.

Students who lack adequate background in research will be required to take a statistics course and/or a course in research methods in addition to the 15 credits.

Courses taken for the certificate may be used as credits towards the MA in ABC Program if accepted.


Program Director:  Mark Hauber