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Animal Behavior Faculty


Christopher B. Braun

Deparment Chair


Sensory Systems in Animals
Neural Substrates of Vibration and Sound Detection
Sensory Variation

Peter Moller

Multisensory Integration
Electrolocation & Electrocommunication in Electric Fish
Behavioral Physiology
Behavioral Endocrinology

Joshua Plotnik

Convergent Cognitive Evolution
Comparative Cognition
Elephant Behavior and Cognition
Applications of Animal Behavior and Cognition Research to Conservation in Practice

Thomas Preuss

Neuroethology of Escape Behavior
Neural Decision Making
Neural Plasticity
Sensorimotor Integration of Biological Relevant Visual and Auditory Inputs

Diana Reiss

Director of the Master's in Animal Behavior and Conservation

Comparative Cognition
Animal Behavior and Communication
Marine Mammal Cognition

Ofer Tchernichovski

Mechanisms of Vocal Learning