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Cognitive / Developmental


I. Cognitive Psychology

PSYCH 24300
Cognitive Processes

A survey of theoretical issues and empirical research on human cognition including attention, perception, memory, representation of knowledge, language, and problem solving.

PSYCH 31600
Cognitive Neuroscience

The course will address some of the central issues in contemporary cognitive neuroscience, describe old (clinical studies) and new (brain imaging) sources of information, their limitations and their contributions to our understanding of the neural mechanisms of cognition.

PSYCH 32200
Psychology of Language
Psychological and psychophysical basis of language comprehension, production and acquisition from experimental and theoretical perspectives; the relationship between language and the cognitive processes of perception, memory and representation.

PSYCH 32400
Communication Behavior

This course will examine behaviors that exchange information, the evolution of the signals that carry the message, and the senses that receive it. Both human nonverbal and animal communication systems will be analyzed. Students will conduct field and library research on specific communicative behaviors.

PSYCH 32500
Animal Cognition

This course will focus on various topics and readings in animal cognition within and across species from the perspectives of animal behavior, cognitive ethology and comparative cognition. In addition to familiarizing the students with what is currently known, the course is designed to stimulate critical and creative thinking about how we investigate and understand the minds and behavior of animals as diverse as chimpanzees, dolphins, elephants, monkeys, pigeons and humans. It will focus on various topics and readings in animal cognition including categorization, discrimination learning, decision making, social learning, tool use, culture and communication.

PSYCH 32800
States of Consciousness

The subjective and physiological aspects of consciousness; the means by which it may be altered: hypnosis, dreams, drugs, meditation and mysticism; psychosis.

PSYCH 32900
Cognitive Science

Introduction to cognitive science, the interdisciplinary study of the human mind from the perspectives of psychology, linguistics, computer science, neuroscience, and philosophy.

PSYCH 33000
Memory and Attention
This course is intended to provide an introduction to the processes associated with memory, attention, and their development, with particular attention given to classic and contemporary theories, and to how they interact with factors such as biology, age, culture and experience.

PSYCH 35000

Theoretical and experimental approaches to human and animal learning; the relationship between systematic theory models and methodology; analysis of the historical and contemporary major contributions to learning theories.

PSYCH 38300
Current Topics in Cognitive Psychology
Focuses on contemporary knowledge and issues in the scholarly literature in selected areas in cognitive psychology. Emphases are on interdisciplinary approaches and critical thinking, including links to theoretical, empirical, and applied foundations of the field. Topics vary each term. Students may take a Current Topics in Cognitive Psychology course twice.

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II. Developmental Psychology

PSYCH 15000
Life Spans Human Development
Development from conception to death; biological, physiological and social factors and their interactions at each stage.

PSYCH 19000
Development of Gender Roles
Social, cognitive, hormonal and personality factors in development of gender roles; determinants of behavioral and cognitive gender differences.

PSYCH 21000
Child Development

Emotional, social, motor and cognitive development as influenced by genetic, cultural and individual factors during the first twelve years of life. (May not be taken for credit by students who have a collateral major, or a minor, in education.)

PSYCH 21200
Exceptional Childhoods

Special problems of adjustment and training of exceptional children, including the gifted as well as the intellectually, emotionally and physically handicapped.

PSYCH 21300
Children & Adolescents with Autism
A theoretical and practical introduction to the social, biological, behavioral, and educational theories that guide our understanding of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Focusing on this important public health issue, students learn how these theories inform public awareness, the experiences of families affected by this disorder, the development and implementation of interventions, and public policy.

PSYCH 21400
Adults with Developmental Disabilities

A theoretical and practical introduction to the key issues and challenges that affect the lives of adults with developmental disabilities, including adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Covered topics include person-centered planning, self-determination, transition planning, post-secondary education, employment, residential supports, and community living. Students learn how these challenges inform services that support full inclusion and improve quality of life.

PSYCH 31000
Research Methods in Developmental Psychology
Open to declared majors only. Theory and research in selected areas of developmental psychology.

PSYCH 31300

This course reviews the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social changes that typically occur during adolescence. Topics include classic and contemporary theories of adolescent development and the interactions between adolescents and their social and cultural environments.

PSYCH 31500
Adult Development
Open to declared majors only. Theories and research concerning the personal and social development of men and women in adulthood; ongoing changes with age related to physical growth and decline, including marital, parental and interpersonal relationships, occupational roles, leisure activities, disability and approaching death.

PSYCH 32300
Developmental Psychopathology

Survey and evaluation of empirical and theoretical approaches to the major psychological abnormalities that arise in childhood and adolescence; their characteristics, causes and treatments.

PSYCH 33200
Attitudes and Persuasion

This course examines both traditional and current theory and research on attitudes and attitude change in social psychology. The first third of the course covers the historical background of the field, the nature of attitudes, problems associated with the measurement of social attitudes and behavior, the conceptual structure and organization of attitudes, and the relation between attitudes and behavior. The middle third of the course explores one of the most-researched topics in attitude research: stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. The final third of the course examines various social psychological theories of attitude change and persuasion, along with their diverse applications.

PSYCH 36100
Psychological Tests
Introduction to the principles of psychological assessment; major methods of measuring general ability, aptitude, achievement, interest, personality. Appraisal of psychological tests.

PSYCH 37000
Cognitive Developmental

A comparative information processing perspective on the development of mental structure and functioning, including perception, memory, problem solving, self-awareness of thinking, intelligence, concept formation and language development.

PSYCH 38400
Current Topics in Developmental Psychology

Focuses on contemporary knowledge and issues in the scholarly literature in a focused area of developmental psychology. Emphases are on interdisciplinary approaches and critical thinking, including links to theoretical, empirical, and applied foundations of the field. Topics vary each term.

Click here for the Developmental Psychology Worksheet