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The Hunter College Mathematics Placement Test (MPT)

The Hunter College Testing Center is currently closed on the Hunter College main campus. We want everyone to remain safe.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, math placement testing is suspended and will resume when the Testing Center reopens on campus. Meanwhile, navigate to the Math Milestones tab for information regarding math and stat course placement.

The following information is regarding the Math Placement Test.  It will be relevent only when the Testing Center reopens on campus.

The Hunter College Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) is a timed, multiple choice, computer-based test. All students must take this test before they can register for any mathematics, statistics, science or liberal arts course at Hunter College that has a mathematics or statistics course prerequisite, unless they satisfy one of the few exemptions listed below. The exam does not affect acceptance to the college. However, it does affect which courses a student is eligible to take. Test results will be used to enable students to register in coursework at Hunter College for which they show competent preparation.  Coursework is based on major requirements.  Visit the Office of Advising's website for help with selecting the correct introductory math course.


SAT, ACT, CLEP and New York State Regents test scores do not exempt a student from taking the MPT. Students may only take this exam one time in the Hunter College Testing Center.  There are no do overs for the MPT. MPT scores are not valid across the university.  MPT scores are valid for two years; thereafter, students are required to take the then-current MPT.   All students are advised to complete their math course requirements at Hunter College as early as possible. If you have been away from math for a while, you may be rusty, which can adversely impact your placement.

To help prepare for this test, students can first log in to Blackboard  and then click here to access the Hunter Math Placement Test Prep Or Log in to Blackboard, on the left side panel, conduct an Organization Search for Hunter Math Placement Test Prep.  Click on the Organization ID, HTR01-org-math-placement-test-prep, click +Enroll, submit and OK.  The Hunter Math Placement Test Prep includes sample questions, diagnostic quizzes, short videos and other instructional materials. The Dolciani Math Learning Center (7th floor, Hunter East Building) provides review materials (PLATO) in person and via email.  You can also visit their website for specific review sessions that might be scheduled.


Who Needs to Take the MPT?

Every entering freshman and transfer student should plan to take the MPT with the few exceptions that follow:

·There are two math courses with no prerequisites that can be used to satisfy the Hunter College Core Requirement in Math and Quantitative Reasoning (MQR Core) without taking the MPT:

Math 10000 Basic Structures of Mathematics, 3 credits, 3 hours

Math 10200 Mathematics and Everyday Life, 3 credits, 3 hours

All other mathematics and statistics courses have prerequisites that can be satisfied by competent scores on the MPT.

·For entering freshmen, exemption is only given for a score of 4 or higher on an AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC Test. Students who score a 4 or higher will earn credit for calculus.  Students, who have taken an AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC Test but do not yet know their score, need to take the MPT and plan for alternative coursework if their score turns out to be at least 4.  (AP Calculus AB and Calculus BC test scores of at least 4 supersede the MPT score.)

·Transfer students are not exempt unless they have officially established course equivalency for all prerequisite mathematics and statistics courses required by the courses they need to take. Appropriate MPT scores are the only alternative to satisfy prerequisites when equivalency has not been officially established.

·Although CLEP exams are not given credit, they can be used to establish equivalency with prerequisites (see a math advisor for details if you have taken a CLEP math exam).


When Do I Take the MPT?

The MPT should be taken well in advance of your course registration date to avoid unanticipated registration problems that can happen when a course has a math prerequisite that is not met. In this regard, if you do not score as well as you expect and just need a refresher, Hunter typically offers a free 2-week summer immersion workshop in mid-July for students who take the MPT after February 1. Students who attend the free 2-week summer immersion workshop may get a chance to retest through the Math Department. For more about this, see the web page on the Math Department website, Appealing Your Math Placement.  If you are not sure if you will be taking a course that has a mathematics or statistics prerequisite, you should take the MPT to establish your choices and avoid potential delays in your progress toward a degree.


How Do I Register for the MPT?

Entering freshmen: You will receive an invitation to schedule the MPT after you have accepted the offer of admission to Hunter College. We recommend choosing an early date to allow sufficient time for you to work through any unexpected results.


Newly accepted transfer students:  You must first meet with an Academic Advisor to determine if the MPT is required.

Currently enrolled students and non-degree studentsNon-degree students as well as students who are currently enrolled at Hunter College must register in advance to take the MPT. Currently enrolled and/or non-degree students can register here.


Taking the MPT

The MPT is conducted in the Hunter College Testing Center, Room 150 Hunter North. On the day of the exam, students must have valid photo identification and CUNY Blackboard login credentials to take the MPT.  There is no fee associated with taking this exam.  There are three parts to the test, with a minimum score required on each of the first and second parts to continue to the next part. Each part uses multiple choice questions; scoring is based solely on the number of correct answers, so guessing is not penalized.  Students must complete the entire exam on the same day.  

Part 1: The Basic Algebra Competency Test

This part is a 35-question, 30-minute timed test. The test consists of basic algebra commonly learned in elementary and middle school (less commonly learned in early high school). The minimum raw score required to continue to the next part is 26/35.

Part 2: The Intermediate Algebra Competency Test

This part is a 30-question, 30-minute timed test. The test consists of intermediate-level algebra skills commonly learned in middle school or early high school. The minimum raw score required to continue to the next part is 18/30.

Part 3: The Calculus Readiness Test

This part is a 30-question, 30-minute timed test. The test consists of mostly high school math in trigonometry, functions, and graphs commonly learned in precalculus-level math.


MPT Results

A combination of the scores you achieve on the various parts of the exam is used in determining your placement. At the conclusion of the MPT, you will be given your score(s). You can use the following chart to determine which course you need to take:


For most students, this placement will be on target. However, if you have reason to believe the results do not reflect your background and history of achievements in mathematics, there is an appeal process that you can initiate. You will be required to fill out an appeal form, attach a copy of your high school transcript and a transcript of any college math you have taken.  All appeal documents should be sent via email to the appropriate course coordinator for the course you want to take. Click here for access to forms and further details about an appeal and where to send it. 


Opportunity for a Refresher

As noted earlier, the Department of Mathematics typically offers free, two-week summer immersion workshops for students who take the MPT after February 1. There are 4 levels of workshops offered, ranging from basic algebra through calculus readiness. Except for calculus readiness, each level offers attending students the opportunity to retest through the Math Department with the possibility of moving up in the curriculum after completing the summer immersion refresher. The refresher is typically scheduled in mid-July. The Math Department sends all students invitations to attend the summer immersion workshops in May.


Click here to view some frequently asked questions and answers

Log in to Blackboard then, click here to view sample test questions

For assistance with preparing for the MPT visit the Mary P. Dolciani Math Learning Center.

All inquires pertaining to testing at Hunter College may be addressed by calling the Testing Center at 212-772-4868 or by sending an email to the Testing Center.


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