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Program Learning Outcomes for the Biochemistry MA track

  1. Formulate and explain the fundamental concepts in the core areas of the discipline (organic inorganic analytical physical and.or biological chemistry).
  2. Solve problems competently by identifying the essential parts of a problem and formulating a strategy for solving the problem. They should be able to rationally estimate the solution to a problem apply appropriate techniques to arrive at a solution test the correctness of the solution and interpret their results.
  3. Analyze and process data using appropriate computer software.
  4. Employ modern web.based literature search tools to locate and retrieve scientific information and to critically evaluate the source.
  5. Design and.or explain the objective of chemical experiments properly carry out the experiments and appropriately record and analyze the results.
  6. Use standard laboratory equipment modern instrumentation and chemical techniques to carry out experiments.
  7. Identify and follow the proper procedures and regulations for safe handling and use of chemicals while applying the highest standards of ethics.
  8. Utilize effective written and oral communication skills to report and explain research findings to chemists other scientists and the lay public.
  9. Our graduates should have sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge to be able to successfully plan and pursue a variety of careers in the chemical sciences. They should also have acquired the ability to expand their knowledge in any area of chemistry as necessary to adjust to changes in science and technologies and become contributing members of the scientific community.
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