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Environmental Studies

Program Learning Outcomes for the Environmental Studies BA program

  1. Students will acquire broad knowledge of the Earth environment using a systems approach to identify and describe its history components their functins and interactions at ultiple spatial and temporal scales.
  2. Students will acquire knowledge of the Earth's key trends in climate and environmental issues in their socio-political context.
  3. Students will gather measure synthesize and evaluate data from diverse sources using visual analytical and statistical approaches to describe and interpret relationships trends and make predictions about future changes.
  4. Students will communicate effectively in the language of the discipline incorporating written oral and visual method. Students will communicate to audiences ranging from scientific to policy oriented. Students wil be prepared to become active informed citizens ready tohave an impact on society.
  5. Students will build knowledge about the environmental dimensions of systematic racism and other types of oppression such as those based on gender or religious identity. Students will be able to apply scientific evidence and theories that explain environmental injustices and use environmental knowledge and skills to advance just and sustainable societies.
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