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Political Science

Program Learning Outcomes for the Political Science BA program

  1. Comprehend the complex political science texts and understand how they relate to specific political topics and questions.
  2. Understand abstract political theories discuss the major schools of thought in political science and recognize and describe key political institutions and features of political systems.
  3. Orally describe arguments found in political science including the nature of the evidence on which they are based and to deliver a clear and coherent oral critique of the texts which they engage.
  4. Students written work will demonstrate an ability to critically examine arguments contained in POLSC texts on the basis of quality of the argumentation evidence used reasonableness of assumptions and normative and policy implications the author seeks to advance.
  5. Assess student written work on whether they demonstrate an ability to generate answerable research questions of relevance to POL select appropriate theories and concepts through which to address them and marshal compelling evidence in support of empirical and normative arguments.
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