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Program Learning Outcomes for the Russian BA program

  1. Be able to discuss speak and listen in an interactive context on a broad range of topics from Russian current events to Russian literature and cultural history. Their pronunciation should not impede communication.
  2. Read sophisticated native Russian texts especially Russian literature. Students should be able to describe and evaluate the content and style of these texts.
  3. Write essays and research papers in which they are able to express personal experiences and opinions as well as well supported argumentation. This written work should be characterized by good organization coherent development and standard Russian grammar syntax and diction.
  4. Have a basic knowledge of the history and structure of Russian.
  5. Be able to understand and participate in courses taught exclusively in Russian.
  6. Analyze and discuss the main periods figures and achievements of Russian cultural history.
  7. Read and understand in the original culturally significant poems short stories and plays of nineteenth. and twentieth.century Russian literature. Analyze and discuss these works and their authors as well as key Russian novels (read in English) in their social historical and religious contexts.
  8. Analyze and criticize the component parts of an argument.
  9. Create their own arguments for and against a number of topics.
  10. Indicate how they intend to continue examining issues on their own after graduation.
  11. Be able to discuss likely outcomes of language disuse.
  12. Be able to assess realistically their own levels of abilities in all four aspects of Russian (speaking; reading; writing; understanding speech).
  13. Be able to identify sources for acquiring materials for language use.
  14. Demonstrate specific ways they could continue studying and using Russian after graduation.
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