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Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation

Program Learning Outcomes for the Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation BA track

  1. Recognize theoretical constructs and pply them in a practival manner to general translation or interpretation issues.
  2. Resolve specific language transference problems through the systematic use of concepts and techniques.
  3. Develop research skills by selecting evaluating and using appropriate dictionaries other print and internet sources.
  4. Develop critical thinking skills by analyzing source language texts and rendering them accurately into the target language.
  5. Develop writing skills apppropriate to each language through the study of comparative grammatical and linguistic structures.
  6. Appreciate the cultural and historical contexts in which the English and Spanish languages have developed.
  7. Develop strong listening recall and speaking skills.
  8. Develop poise and presence of mind under the stress of providing rapid and accurate interpretations into and from English and Spanish.
  9. Develop familiarity with he terminology writing styles and types of documents common to specific professional fields. Apply this knowledge in translation assignments.
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