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Urban Planning

Program Learning Outcomes for the Urban Planning MUP & MUP.JD programs

  1. To build an understanding of economic social and political trends which explain urban policy choices and conditions. This objective should provide students with knowledge about such facts as economic restructuring globalization political party behavior joblessness and inadequate education. This also requires an understanding of government the private sector and neighborhoods in urban metropolitan areas.
  2. To define and address current urban policy and planning issues such as smart growth sprawl low.income housing credits inclusionary zoning universal health care the Keio decision public transit gentrification and environmental racism.
  3. To develop an appreciation of equity and sustainability to ensure that students understand why these two components are fundamental to achieving a high quality of life throughout urban metropolitan areas for all citizens.
  4. To provide knowledge about using research and analytical skills to resolve planning issues by introducing students to the most quantitative and qualitative tools for analyzing problems. In addition we would like to make students knowledgeable about AutoCAD GIS and other computer.based technologies.
  5. To provide internships and capstone experiences that will allow students to apply classroom instruction to real world and situations. Another aim of these activities is professional development.
  6. To provide students as they work to achieve the aforementioned objectives with the written and oral communication skills that ensure successful pursuit of careers or graduate school.
  7. To revise and update the urban studies undergraduate major.  The curriculum developed in the late 80s and early 90s needs to be examined and retooled to reflect changes in the field and to better prepare our undergraduate majors for careers and graduate school after graduation.
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