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The German Minor

The German Department offers a 12-18 credit minor, easy to combine with other studies


The German minor requires that students take 12 credits in language and/or literature taught in German at the 300-level (GERMN 301-359, 381-444). Students who begin their study of German in college may count 6 credits from the 200-level (GERMN 200-203) toward the minor and will need to take two courses at the 300-level, either one language course (GERMN 301 or 302) and one literature course, or two literature courses.

The minor in German aims to help students develop their linguistic and cultural knowledge so that they can perform at the level of Intermediate High on the ACTFL scale (1+ on the ILR scale) or at the level B1 according to the Common European Framework in speaking listening, reading, writing, and cultural knowledge. Typical assessments include student participation in internationally recognized B1 exams and periodic Oral Proficiency Interviews.

Our minors say that they appreciate:

  • the fact that they know their professors well, and their professors know them
  • the use of our library / tutoring room
  • the opportunity to study abroad in the summer
  • exposure to a culture that is brand new to them

They have gone on to graduate school in fields like comparative literature, library science, law, and international relations. They have found work in consulting agencies and in prestigious publishing houses.

To declare a German minor, please visit

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