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What are related items? How do I use them?

At the bottom of each page in your website, you can include a list of related links which will help guide your site visitor's to similar content. This tool was built into the WebCMS to improve the user experience.

Only content in the Hunter WebCMS can be targeted as a "related item". As with other internal links, a link to a related item will continue to work even if the item is moved or renamed. Related items are always displayed as a group at the bottom of a page.

One way to use related links is to think of where your audience may want to go next. After reading through the current page, what questions might they have? What's the next step in their process? What words or ideas in the text might they not understand? By providing links to the answers to these questions, your site visitors will be able to easily navigate through your site and find the information they're looking for without getting confused or frustrated.

Another great way to use the related links tool is to link to important documents or files. If you create a related link to an item in your Repository, the file type icon will appear next to the file name. This is a great way to provide downloadable forms or fact sheets. By keeping all of this content in a single location (at the bottom of each page), your visitors will always know where to look for it.

To manage the related links on a page, access the page's edit screen, then click on the Advanced button. Under Related Items, click on Add. A new window will open. Use the breadcrumb trail to navigate around your website and find the item you'd like to link to. Once you've found it, click on the Insert link to its right. Repeat these steps to add additional related links.

 Related Items

Examples of several related links can be found below.



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