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What is the difference between the Kupu and TinyMCE text editors?

The Hunter WebCMS allows you to choose between two text editors: Kupu and TinyMCE. The text editor you choose determines which formatting toolbar you'll use while working in the WebCMS. Both in-browser editors provide word-processing type toolbars with functions and styles that allow you to format text, create tables, lists and links, all without having to know HTML. Screenshots of each are below.


Kupu Text Editor


TinyMCE Text Editor

For the best experience and results, we strongly recommend using the TinyMCE text editor.

TinyMCE was introduced to the WebCMS in 2009 as an alternative to Kupu, the default text editor. While both text editors are capable of the same basic formatting, TinyMCE has some additional, built-in features. For example, TinyMCE is the preferred editor for copying text from Microsoft Word documents, and it has extensive options for working with tables.

Both editors include options for bold, italic, indenting, alignment, bullets, numbering, inserting images, formatting tables and linking to other content. A complete list of what each editor offers can be found here.

TinyMCE is also recommended because it behaves the best on most browsers and operating systems. For a complete breakdown of how each text editor functions in various browser/OS scenarios, click here to download a comparison chart (PDF).

Switching between the two text editors is a simple prcoess. A step-by-step tutorial can be found here.



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