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  1. IU graduate workers’ demand for union recognition mirrors national trend The Center Square (4-29-22)
  2. In a city full of adjunct faculty members, many struggle to get by The Washington Post (4-26-22)
  3. UGSDW wins expansion election, will expand to all hourly student workers The Scarlet & Black (4-26-22)
  4. Organizing Against Precarity in Higher Education Current Affairs (4-6-22)
  5. Undergraduate workers at Dartmouth vote to unionize AP News (3-31-22)
  6. With tenure under attack, professors join forces with a powerful teachers’ union The Hechinger Report (3-25-22)
  7. ‘A Voice That Needs to Be Heard’ Inside Higher Ed (3-8-22)
  8. When Librarians Unionize Inside Higher Ed (1-12-22)
  9. At Long Last: A Contract for Columbia Student Workers Inside Higher Ed (1-10-22)
  10. After 2-Month Strike, Columbia U. and Student Workers Reach Tentative Agreement The Chronicle of Higher Education (1-7-22)
  11. Columbia graduate workers end 10-week strike as tentative deal reached The Washington Post (1-7-22)


  1. UC avoided one big strike, but more are in the works at California colleges. Here’s why The Sacramento Bee (12-7-21)
  2. ‘An Important Breakthrough on Both Sides’: Grad Student Union Concedes Demand for Title IX Third-Party Arbitration
    The Harvard Crimson (10-26-21)
  3. Labor Experts Say Grad Student Union’s Impending Three-Day Strike Duration Is Unsurprising The Harvard Crimson (10-26-21)
  4. A Union Victory at Pitt Inside Higher Ed (10-21-21)
  5. Are Unions Coming to the World of Admissions? Inside Higher Ed (10-18-21)
  6. US colleges hit by wave of student labour unionisation Times Higher Education World University Rankings (10-12-21)
  7. A Huge Unionization Vote Is Looming at the University of Pittsburgh JACOBIN (9-10-21)
  8. A Union for Admissions Workers Inside Higher Ed (8-30-21)
  9. Amid pandemic disruptions, grad students push to unionize American Association for the Advancement of Science (8-26-21)
  10. When to Go Remote Inside Higher Ed (8-20-21)
  11. Vaccinations, Unions and the Law Inside Higher Ed (8-9-21)
  12. Upcoming Pitt faculty union vote follows national trend University of Pittsburgh University Times (7-30-21)
  13. Spike in Grad Student Union Petitions Likely With NLRB Changes Bloomberg Law Daily Labor Report (7-28-21)
  14. Graduate student researchers at University of California seek union representation Cal Matters (6-21-21)
  15. An Escalating Fight for Recognition Inside Higher Ed (5-4-21)
  16. Graduate Students Are on Strike at N.Y.U., Long a Labor Battleground The New York Times (4-30-21)
  17. ‘Our Success or Failure Is Tied Together’: Grad Student Union Activism Picks Up in Biden Era The Harvard Crimson (4-11-21)
  18. Strikes can both test and empower faculty Herald and News (4-10-21)
  19. Organizing Boom Likely After NLRB Drops Student Union Rule Law360 (3-15-21)
  20. Green Light for Student Employee Unions Inside Higher Ed (3-15-21)
  21. Labor board withdraws rule to quash graduate students’ right to organize as employees The Washington Post (3-12-21)
  22. ‘Tweaking’ Which Adjuncts Can Form Unions Inside Higher Ed (2-25-21)
  23. Grad Student Unions, Experts Expect Friendlier Climate for Labor Under Biden The Harvard Crimson (1-20-21)
  24. St. Leo is latest Catholic university to nix faculty labor union National Catholic Reporter (1-5-21)


  1. We Stepped Up and Fought Back’: Behind the Explosive Growth of New Faculty Unions NEA Today (11-29-20)
  2. University of the Arts faculty in Philadelphia have voted to unionize The Philadelphia Inquirer (11-24-20)
  3. What's Behind Unions' Higher Ed Organizing Boom Law 360 (11-23-20)
  4. College unions were on the rise before the pandemic, a trend unlikely to slow Education Dive (11-17-20)
  5. Academic Employee Unions Grow Inside Higher Ed (11-17-20)
  6. Amid pandemic, Georgetown graduate student union seeks arbitration over bargaining rights The Wash (10-6-20)
  7. Kenyon work-study students looking to unionize The Columbus Dispatch (9-13-20)
  8. Colleges met with strikes, collective action over fall reopening plans Education Dive (9-8-20)
  9. Sparked by Covid-19, Undergraduate Organizing May Be the Next Front in Campus Labor Relations The Chronicle of Higher Education (9-2-20)
  10. Brooklyn Quaker School Attempts Union Bust With Trump Administration Ruling, Teachers Say NY1 (8-19-20)
  11. How Covid-19 United the Higher-Ed Work Force The Chronicle of Higher Education (8-19-20)
  12. Adjunct Professors: Jobs Are Low on Pay and Health Benefits With High COVID Risk Kaiser Health News (7-23-20)
  13. Amid pandemic, graduate student workers are winning long-sought contracts The Washington Post (7-19-20)
  14. Does New Rutgers President Mean New Day for Dealings with University Unions? New Jersey Spotlight (7-6-20)
  15. No NLRB Jurisdiction at Religious Colleges Inside Higher Ed (6-11-20)
  16. Covid-19 Changes the Calculus of Grad-Student Activism The Chronicle of Higher Education (4-30-20)
  17. Student Unionizing Past Rebuts NLRB Plan to End It, Groups Say Bloomberg Law Daily Labor Report (2-6-20)
  18. Sanders’s New Senate Bill Could Protect Graduate Student Workers’ Employee Rights from Proposed NLRB Ruling, Experts Say The Harvard Crimson (2-4-20)
  19. International Students Lead the Resurgence in Graduate Student Unionization The American Prospect (1-10-20)
  20. As Harvard Graduate Students Return to Work, Experts Talk Future of Negotiations The Harvard Crimson (1-3-20)


  1. Harvard grad students call off strike The Boston Globe (12-30-19)
  2. Harvard Defends Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Position As Strike Begins The Harvard Crimson (12-4-19)
  3. Harvard grad students to go on strike Tuesday Boston Globe (12-3-19)
  4. Recent Grad Student Strikes Across the Country Offer Example for Harvard’s Union The Harvard Crimson (11-22-19)
  5. NLRB Rule Does Not Recognize Graduate Students As Employees (11-15-19)
  6. Nontenure-track researchers ratify first contract with the University of California American Science (11-14-19)
  7. PSC Spotlights Workplace Bullying, Calls for Law Protecting Its Victims The Chief (10-21-19)
  8. 'I have no spare money': UAW-GM labor fight spotlights the struggles of temp workers USA Today (10-18-19)
  9. Pitt presses PLRB to uphold original graduate student election results University Times/University of Pittsburgh (10-10-19)
  10. Graduate students lose right to unionize Chemical & Engineering News (9-24-19)
  11. Ruling Out Grad Unions Inside Higher Ed (9-23-19)
  12. NLRB reverses course on graduate students’ right to organize as employees The Washington Post (9-20-19)
  13. Grad student unions dealt blow as proposed new rule says students aren’t ‘employees’ Science (9-20-19)
  14. Graduate Students, After Gains in Union Efforts, Face a Federal Setback The New York Times (9-20-19)
  15. Grad Students at Private Colleges Could Lose the Right to Unionize The Chronicle of Higher Education (9-20-19)
  16. NLRB Proposes to Make Student Workers Ineligible to Unionize (1) Bloomberg Law Daily Labor Report (9-20-19)
  17. Rule would bar grad assistant unionizing at private schools Associated Press (9-20-19)
  18. Labor Militancy In Higher Education Is On the Rise Splinter News (9-3-19)
  19. New Data on Faculty Strikes Inside Higher Ed (8-28-19)
  20. Strikes at Colleges Are at a 7-Year High as Unions Rebound The Chronicle of Higher Education (8-27-19)
  21. Union Shake-Up in California Inside Higher Ed (8-12-19)
  22. US labour board moves to ban graduate teaching assistant unions The World University Rankings (6-25-19)
  23. University of Chicago Graduate Student Workers Begin Strike Bloomberg Law Daily Labor Report (6-3-19)
  24. Labor Agency to Propose Rule on Grad Students’ Right to Unionize The Chronicle of Higher Education (5-23-19)
  25. Labor Board Plans Rules on Worker Protests, Student Organizing (1) Bloomberg Law Daily Labor Report (5-22-19)
  26. How is the #MeToo Movement Affecting Organized Labor Law360 (4-25-19)
  27. Grad Students at Private Colleges Were Cleared to Unionize 3 Years Ago. Here’s What’s Changed. The Chronicle of Higher Education (4-22-19)
  28. Grad Union and Harvard Continues Negotiation on Economic Proposals The Harvard Crimson (4-17-19)
  29. Harvard’s graduate student union demands better sexual harassment protections The Washington Post (4-12-19)
  30. Adjunct professors unionize at 3 private colleges in Minn. StarTribune (4-5-19)
  31. Proposed CCP contract is ‘a victory under the circumstances we’re living in,' says union The Inquirer Daily News (4-4-19)
  32. Strike averted at Community College of Philadelphia, but bigger funding battle continues WHYY News/NPR (4-3-19)
  33. Appeals court slams the brakes on faculty unionizing under ‘crude’ agency test The College Fix (3-25-19)
  34. With Full Union Proposal, Harvard Now Considering Economic Contract Provisions The Harvard Crimson (3-15-19)
  35. ‘Standing Up for What’s Right’ Inside Higher Ed (2-13-19)
  36. Among Harvard’s Unions, Working Together Helps Everyone 'Win More' The Harvard Crimson (2-12-19)
  37. CU Boulder grad student workers' push for union comes amid national movement Daily Camera CU News (2-9-19)
  38. Wright State Faculty Strike Drags On Into Its 3rd Week NPR/91.3 WYSO FM (2-7-19)
  39. Wright State Strike Day 11: Administration, Union Resume Contract Talks Cincinnati Public Radio (2-4-19)
  40. After 6 months, no agreements on key issues in dining worker contract talks The Tufts Daily (1-24-19)
  41. University Appeals Recognition of Library Union to 7th Circuit The Chicago Maroon (1-21-19)
  42. Wright State Students Prepare For Planned Faculty Strike 91.3 WYSO FM (1-10-19)


  1. Who’s Leading the Next Unionization Charge? That’s Right: Florida The Nation (12-20-18)
  2. 'Blatant scare tactics': Iowa college leads crackdown on student unions The Guardian (12-13-18)
  3. Grad Unionization Movement Sees Successes Nationwide As Harvard Begins Bargaining The Harvard Crimson (11-27-18)
  4. Liberal Arts Students’ Union Bid Threatens Obama-Era Policy Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report (11-21-18)
  5. Columbia postdoctoral workers gain employee status, to hold vote to unionize following NLRB ruling Columbia Daily Spectator (9-21-18)
  6. How the Great Recession Reshaped American Higher Education The Chronicle of Higher Education (9-14-18)
  7. Grad Union Expects to Start Negotiating With Harvard 'Early' This Semester The Harvard Crimson (9-9-18)
  8. A TA Union Contract, 2 Years Later Inside Higher Ed (9-5-18)
  9. University, grad students finalize pre-election agreement for unionization The Brown Daily Herald (7-2-18)
  10. Supreme Court Rules Against Public-Sector Unions Inside Higher Ed (6-28-18)
  11. ‘Preparing for the worst’: Unions brace for loss of members and fees in wake of Supreme Court ruling The Washington Post (6-27-18)
  12. Supreme Court strikes down mandatory union dues for public employees The Bond Buyer (6-27-18)
  13. Adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago ratify first contract Chicago Tribune (5-22-18)
  14. Getting organized: OSU faculty members take steps to form a union Corvallis Gazette-Times (5-20-18)
  15. Harvard grad students vote to unionize The Boston Globe (4-20-18)
  16. Adjunct Professors Step up Their Efforts to Increase Pay The New York Times (4-5-18)
  17. Adjuncts on Strike Inside Higher Ed (4-5-18)
  18. Adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago stage walkout over contract dispute The Washington Post (4-4-18)
  19. SUGSE progresses unionization election The Brown Daily Herald (4-4-18)
  20. Georgetown University agrees to allow graduate students to vote on unionizing The Washington Post (4-2-18)
  21. Realities of Trump-Era NLRB Inside Higher Ed (2-15-18)
  22. Can CCP's union win its contract without going on strike? The Inquirer Daily News (2-7-18)
  23. Graduate Student Unions Are Growing and Fighting for Social Justice Truth Out (1-26-18)
  24. Georgetown 'seriously considering' non-NLRB election Politico (1-10-18)


  1. Graduate, Library Unions Face Uncertain Fate at NLRB The Chicago Maroon (12-4-17)
  2. Under New Law, Iowa Unions Vote to Recertify Inside Higher Ed (11-21-17)
  3. Georgetown University graduate students implore president to support their efforts to unionize The Washington Post (11-2-17)
  4. The (Possible) Postdoc Union Boom Inside Higher Ed (10-31-17)
  5. When Do a Dean’s Messages About a Graduate Union Go Too Far? The Chronicle of Higher Education (9-14-17)
  6. UNC Grad Students, Campus Employees Seek to Form a Union INDY Week (8-28-17)
  7. Penn grad students await decision on move to unionize WHYY/Newsworks (8-25-17)
  8. Graduate students won right to organize as employees, but that victory is in peril under Trump The Washington Post (8-24-17)
  9. Will Grad Students Lose the Right to Unionize Under Trump? The Atlantic (6-28-17)
  10. NLRB Orders USC to Negotiate With Adjunct Union Inside Higher Ed (6-9-17)
  11. Yale Grad Students’ Fast Ends: What Did It Achieve? The Chronicle of Higher Education (5-23-17)
  12. NLRB Extends ‘Microunit’ Concept to Efforts to Organize Faculty Members The Chronicle of Higher Education (5-4-17)
  13. 'Running Out the Clock’ on Grad Unions? Inside Higher Ed (5-4-17)
  14. Resident Advisers Gain the Right to Unionize The Chronicle of Higher Education (4-21-17)
  15. The Future of Collective Bargaining: Interviews with Two Prominent Players in the Field NYU Labor & Employment Law Newsletter (Issue 14, Summer 2017)
  16. New Joint Employer Liability Test Tough to Undo, NLRB Counsel Says Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report (3-28-17)
  17. Regional Labor Panels Are Hailed as Likely to Improve Colleges’ Relations With Adjuncts The Chronicle of Higher Education (3-28-17)
  18. Board Members Defend Punting on College Athlete Union Question Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report (3-27-17)
  19. Sides Clash Over Graduate-Assistant Organizing Outlook Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report (3-27-17)
  20. Graduate Students Push for Unions at More Private Colleges The Wall Street Journal (2-24-17)
  21. Penn State graduate student employees seek vote to organize for collective bargaining PennLive (2-22-17)
  22. Grad Students Want Unions to Seek Harassment Protections Bloomberg BNA Daily Report (2-8-17)
  23. NMSU faculty considering unionizing Albuquerque Journal (2-5-17)
  24. New study shows increase in contingent faculty unions at private colleges Education Dive (1-30-17)
  25. Surge in Unions for Adjuncts at Private Colleges Inside Higher Ed (1-30-17)
  26. New Study Charts Recent Proliferation of Faculty Unions The Chronicle of Higher Education (1-27-17)
  27. USC Adjuncts Aren't Managers, Can Form Union, NLRB Says Bloomberg BNA Daily Report (1-11-17)
  28. NLRB Won't Halt Adjunct Union Vote at Southern Cal Inside Higher Ed (1-3-17)


  1. New York Ruling on Faculty Handbook as a Contract Inside Higher Ed (12-20-16)
  2. Columbia University Grad Students Join UAW After Battle for Right to Unionize The Wall Street Journal (12-9-16)
  3. Resident Advisers at George Washington U. Attempt to Open a New Union Front The Chronicle of Higher Education (12-8-16)
  4. How Obama-Trump Transition Could Affect Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed (11-10-16)
  5. Teaching assistants file petitions to unionize: An NLRB decision gives TAs the right to organize Yale Alumni Magazine (Nov/Dec 2016)
  6. Harvard could have Ivy League’s first graduate student union Crain's Boston (11-2-16)
  7. Yale Graduate Students’ ‘Microunit’ Unionization Strategy Could Have Nationwide Implications The Chronicle of Higher Education (10-30-16)
  8. Faculty unions continue to prompt questions at Washington U., UMSL St. Louis Public Radio (10-21-16)
  9. How the Harvard Strike Fits Into the Equality Conversation The Chronicle of Higher Education (10-19-16)
  10. Labor dispute puts university students in middle TRIB Live TRIB Total Media (10-15-16)
  11. Ahead of vote, undergraduate teaching assistants weigh decision to join graduate student union Columbia Daily Spectator (10-13-16)
  12. Still No Faculty Contract Negotiations Continue as Strike Date Approaches The Stroud Courier (10-6-16)
  13. Lessons from Long Island U.'s Faculty Lockout The Chronicle of Higher Education (9-20-16)
  14. Long Island University Ends Lockout of Teaching Faculty at Brooklyn Campus Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report (9-16-16)
  15. Long Island University-Brooklyn Lockout Was a First for Higher Education Society for Human Resource Management (9-15-16)
  16. Labor Day Lockout Inside Higher Ed (9-6-16)
  17. Door opens for more grad union organizing Clarion (September 2016)
  18. Yale graduate students look to unionize after labor board ruling The Washington Post (8-30-16)
  19. Cuts Questioned at Notre Dame de Namur Inside Higher Ed (8-26-16)
  20. Big labor win for grad students at private colleges Marketplace and/or WVTF Public Radio (8-24-16)
  21. NLRB: Adjuncts in Religious Studies May Be Excluded From Religious College Unions Inside Higher Ed (8-24-16)
  22. NLRB: Graduate Students at Private Universities May Unionize Inside Higher Ed (8-24-16)
  23. Ruling Pushes Door to Grad-Student Unions 'Wide Open' The Chronicle of Higher Education (8-24-16)
  24. NLRB rules that grad students are employees, opens door to unionization The Chicago Tribune (8-23-16)
  25. Are they students? Or are they employees? NLRB rules that graduate students are employees. The Washington Post (8-23-16)
  26. Can grad students unionize? Academia awaits major labor board ruling The Chicago Tribune (8-16-16)
  27. College and University Instructors Organizing in Record Numbers American Bar Association Labor and Employment Law (Vol. 44, No. 3, Spring 2016)
  28. Possible Path to Grad Union Inside Higher Ed (6-2-16)
  29. Notre Dame de Namur Recognizes Tenured Faculty Union Inside Higher Ed (6-1-16)
  30. Union wouldn't hit tenure Minnesota Daily (4-13-16)
  31. Speakers Show Split Views on Impact of NLRB Case on Graduate Assistants Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report (4-6-16)
  32. Right-to-Work Cases Expected To Persist in Wake of Friedrichs Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report (4-5-16)
  33. New Lens on Faculty Salaries Inside Higher Ed (4-4-16)
  34. Unionizing Pays Big Dividend for Professors at Regional Public Universities The Chronicle of Higher Education (4-3-16)
  35. Negotiations Required Inside Higher Ed (3-28-16)
  36. As adjunct professors unionize, debate sharpens over cost to schools The Wall Street Journal (3-20-16) Subscription required
  37. Nontenured Faculty at Duke University Vote to Join Union The Wall Street Journal (3-18-16) Subscription required
  38. Catholic college faculty can't unionize in surprise ruling by National Labor Relations Board The College Fix (2-9-16)
  39. As USC faculty awaits results of a union vote, some hope for 'a bigger voice' Los Angeles Times (2-1-16)
  40. More Private Universities Are Unionizing. Will Loyola? The Chicago Tribune (1-22-16)
  41. Failing the Test for Faculty Unions Inside Higher Ed (1-21-16)
  42. U of M Faculty Petition for Union Vote KARE11 Minneapolis (1-20-16)
  43. Professors Raise Hands for Unions The Wall Street Journal (1-19-16)
  44. Catholic Teaching Says Support Unions. Catholic Colleges Are Fighting Them. Huffington Post (1-13-2016)  


  1. Contingent Faculty of the World Unite! New Labor Forum (12-28-2015)
  2. Debate Over Unionizing UW Faculty 'hot and heavyThe Seattle Times (11-2-2015)
  3. NLRB Rejects Columbia U Grad Student Union Bid Inside Higher Ed (11-2-2015)
  4. NLRB Returns to Grad Student Unions Inside Higher Ed (10-23-2015)
  5. NLRB Takes Up Graduate Students' Right to Organize at Private Universities Reuters Legal (10-22-2015)
  6. Court: East Stroudsburg U Must Reinstate Professor Denied Tenure Inside Higher Ed (10-21-2015)
  7. Local NLRB Says Seattle Adjuncts May Count Ballots Inside Higher Ed (8-19-2015)
  8. New Move in Union-Busting? Inside Higher Ed (8-5-2015)
  9. Too Expensive to Fight Faculty Union Push, Private University Says in Giving Up The College Fix (7-21-2015) 
  10. A Weaker ‘Yeshiva’? Inside Higher Ed (7-21-2015)
  11. Campaigns Against Microaggressions Prompt Big Concerns About Free Speech The Chronicle of Higher Education (7-9-2015)     
  12. Threat to Faculty Unions Inside Higher Ed (7-1-2015)
  13. Obama’s Overtime Proposal Could Be Costly for Colleges The Chronicle of Higher Education (7-1-2015)
  14. Two-Thirds of Older Tenured Faculty Members Will Work Past 67, Report Says The Chronicle of Higher Education (6-12-2015)
  15. Metro Organizing Campaigns Yield Gains for Adjunct Professors, Researcher Says Bloomberg BNA (4-24-2015)
  16. Negotiating Balance Inside Higher Ed (4-22-2015)
  17. Even with Unions, Adjuncts are Rarely Protected from Last-Minute Job Losses The Chronicle of Higher Education (4-21-2015)
  18. Contracts Up Close Inside Higher Ed (4-21-2015)
  19. Professor Manager Inside Higher Ed (4-17-2015)
  20. Unionization Pays Off for Community-College Instructors The Chronicle of Higher Education (4-15-2015)
  21. The Fight of Their Lives: Can Adjuncts Finally Win a Living Wage? Truth-Out.Org (3-26-2015)
  22. More Routes to T.A. Unions Inside Higher Ed (3-16-2015)
  23. McHenry County, Elgin College ahead of Curve on Adjunct Faculty Unionization mySuburbanLife (3-10-2015)
  24. A Look at Unions on College Campuses: Locally and Nationwide The Ithacan (3-5-2015)
  25. Union Rights at Religious College Inside Higher Ed (3-4-2015)
  26. Colleges' Use of Adjuncts Comes Under Pressure The Wall Street Journal (2-16-2015)
  27. NLRB Remands Decisions on 3 Catholic Colleges Inside of Higher Ed (2-5-2015)
  28. NLRB Affirms Ruling for Ex-Employee of Grand Canyon U. Inside Higher Ed (2-4-2015)
  29. NLRB Union Decision Unlikely to affect Dartmouth The Dartmouth (1‐9‐2015)
  30. Unions come courting on campus Politico (1-8-2015)
  31. Inside Higher Ed Podcast: The NLRB's New Ruling and the Future of Faculty Unions Inside Higher Ed (1‐9‐2015)
  32. California Colleges See Surge in Efforts to Unionize Adjunct Faculty LA Times (1‐3‐2015)


  1. Big Union Win Inside of Higher Ed (12-22-2014)
  2. Student-Teachers Labor for Union The Yale Herald (11-7-2014)
  3. More HBCU Faculty Lean Toward Raising Collective Voices Diverse (7-16-2014)
  4. Unions Dodge Bullet with Supreme Court Ruling Inside Higher Ed (7-1-2014)
  5. Hamline Adjunct Faculty Votes for Union StarTribune St. Paul (6-20-2014)
  6. Labor Board to Review Use of Employer Email for Union Activity Chronicle of Higher Education (5-2-2014)
  7. Faculty Union, a Rarity at HBCUs, Is Poised to Emerge at Howard U. Chronicle of Higher Education (4-30-2014)
  8. Union Target: For-Profits Inside Higher Ed (4-21-2014)
  9. NLRB Action Shines Light on Problems of College Athletes, Labor Lawyers Say Daily Labor Report (4-15-2014)
  10. Not New, Not Surprising Inside Higher Ed (4-15-2014)
  11. Union Efforts on Behalf of Adjuncts Meet Resistance Within Faculties' Ranks Chronicle of Higher Education (4-9-2014)
  12. (Not So) Overnight Success Inside Higher Ed (4-8-2014)
  13. Time for a Union? Inside Higher Ed (2-21-2014)
  14. UIC Faculty Rekindle Fight for Public Education with Historic Strike In These Times (2-19-2014)
  15. Faculty Line Up on Both Sides of Union Debate The News-Gazette (2-2-2014)
  16. COLLEGE Football Players Seek to Form a Labor Union Chronicle of Higher Education (1-29-2014)


  1. Health Law Pinches Colleges Wall Street Journal (1-18-2013)
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  10. 'Changing the Terrain' Inside Higher Ed (12-6-2013)