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Theoretical Studies

ANTHC 307 Anthropology of Religion (W) (3hrs., 3cr.)

Examination of religions in their cultural settings with emphasis on non-western societies. Analysis of theories about the nature of religion and magic, cultural and psychological function, symbolic meanings, interrelationships with other cultural patterns and cross-cultural comparisons.

PHILO 262 Philosophy of Religion  (W) (3hrs., 3cr.)

A study of some of the major world religions, including writings from Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. We shall examine how each religion endeavors to pursue the Ultimate in its own way. Emphasis will be placed on the unity underlying the different religions as well as the specific uniqueness of each. The texts for Hinduism and Taoism will be classic, those for Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism will be twentieth century. (Prereq: one course in philosophy or religion.)


SOC 205 Sociology of Religion (W)  (3hrs., 3cr.)

This course will equip the student with the basic concepts in the sociology of religion. Secularization, concepts in Protestant ethics, church/ sect/ denomination, etc., will be discussed. Prereq SOC 101 or Permission of the instructor.


REL 270 Religion and Psychology (W) (3 firs., 3 crs.)

"Every statement about God is a statement about the human person, and every statement about the human is a statement about God." This course will examine the complementarity between religion and psychology in many aspects of the human person through the media of selected text, film, and story.


REL 260 Special Topics: Theoretical Studies in Religion (W) (3hrs., 3cr.)

Specialized study of a methodological approach to the study of religion. Different topic offered each time.


REL 360 Special Topics: Theoretical Studies in Religion (W) (3hrs., 3 cr.)

Specialized study of a methodological approach to the study of religion. Different topic offered each time.


REL 390 Modern Theories in Religion (W) (3hrs., 3 cr.)

An advanced methodology course surveying key issues and main approaches under discussion in the current study of religion when standard methods of interpretation are being subjected to exhaustive critique and revision and new theories are being proposed. (Prereq: ENGL 120; REL 111 or its equivalent; and at least one other course in religion or one of the theoretical courses offered in one of the participating departments such as ANTHRO 307, PHILO 262, or SOC 205; permission of instructor required to register.)

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