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Learning Outcomes

Religion Program Learning Objectives

A major in Religion:


 1)   Shall have developed the well-considered and thoroughly articulated definitions necessary to ground empathetic and non-judgmental (or non-doctrinally-biased) arguments concerning “religion” and concepts associated therewith (e.g., “faith,” “sacred,” “spirit,” “ritual,” etc...).

2)   Shall be able to conceptualize and analyze ideas coherently, to relate the concrete and particular to the abstract and general, and to think and write logically and compellingly, having written at least 15-20 pages of summative and analytical papers in each of a minimum of ten major courses.


3)   Shall have broadened and deepened his/her outlook by studying the fundamental beliefs and defining practices of both his/her own and others cultures, having taken at least two courses in various religious traditions.


4)   Shall be able to analyze basic data from the perspective of at least five different methodological approaches, having read both the classics in the field of theoretical studies in Religion and taken at least one upper level course in a specific methodology.


5)   Shall have considered the enduring questions and answers concerning being, purpose, and value as are expressed in the world’s religious, having studied not only specific religious traditions but having taken at least one course in ‘issues’ in religion.


6)   Shall have developed one clear knowledge base about one fundamental issue in Religion or one religious tradition, by taking a series of courses in that sub-field.


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