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Research Facilities


X-Ray Diffraction Facility

The mission of the CUNY X-Ray Facility is to perform single-crystal analysis for the structure determination of molecules, which make up a crystal. This technique is called single-crystal X-ray crystallography. It is the ultimate method for definitive determination of molecular structures at the atomic level for both organic and inorganic compounds. Its uses range from simple identification of compounds to various exotic configuration and conformational studies.


NMR Spectroscopy Facility

The NMR Facility at Hunter was established in 1983 and has recently undergone major renovations. At present, the facility consists of four NMR instruments which are utilized by scientists from the entire CUNY community. The large variety of available probes allows detection of virtually any MR-active nuclide. The facility gets extensive use from researchers for the analysis of organic and inorganic compounds, for the identification of natural products, and for the determination of three-dimensional structures of macromolecules.


Bio-Imaging Facility

The Bio-Imaging facility currently provides optical and video microscopy services. The facility is equipped with two spinning disk confocal miroscopes, and is also equipped for bright field, phase contrast, modulation contrast and epi fluorescence microscopy. The facility has two separate wide field image analysis stations, a JEOL JEM-100C/CX Transmission Electron Microscope, a Typhoon 9410 scanner for the quantitation and localization of sub cellular fluorescent and radioactive molecules, a Densitometer, and color and B&W laser printers for the production of publication quality graphics and presentation materials.


Network Facility

The Network Facility was established in 1990 to provide an enhanced electronic infrastructure and trained staff to the researchers of the Gene Center. The facility is spread over 4 floors of the north building of Hunter College. Essentially each floor is a subnet of the network with an additional subnet to host wireless clients.


Animal Facility

The AAALAC accredited program provides care and housing for a wide range of laboratory animal species. The main facility is a 7,700 square foot, single corridor, conventional facility located in the North Building. Access is restricted to authorized personnel.


Flow-Cytometry Facility

The Flow-Cytometry (FACS) facility is located on the ninth floor of the Hunter North building. This facility provides analyses of up to 7 parameters in eukaryotic cell populations and sorts cells under sterile conditions. These analyses can be used to identify and isolate rare cell populations, determine chromosome ploidy in individual cells, study apoptosis, and study cell-signaling among other applications.


Internet2 Videoconferencing Facility

Our Internet2 and Videoconferencing facility was founded to promote distance learning and provide accessibility to the Internet2 (Abilene backbone) network. Currently, Hunter College and CUNY are part of the Internet2 Consortium along with other 200+ institutions.


CUNY Mass Spectrometry Facility

The CUNY Mass Spectrometry Facility at Hunter College provides a wide variety of mass spectrometry services to research laboratories at Hunter College, other CUNY campuses, and many outside organizations.

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