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Tyrel Starks

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Department of Psychology
Hunter College, Room 1314W
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065

Current Areas of Research

My research focuses on substance use and sexual health in sexual minority populations, with a particular emphasis on relationship factors associated with sexual health in gay and bisexual men. My research incorporates an emphasis on intervention development. I am currently the PI on a NIDA funded project which seeks to develop novel interventions to reduce substance use and enhance assertive communication skills within the context of couples HIV testing and counseling with gay and bisexual couples.My work has two primary foci:

  1. How relationship expectancies, beliefs and attitudes shape health related behavior among single gay and bisexual men
  2. How individual and dyadic factors interact to influence shape health related behavior among gay and bisexual men in main partner relationships with other men

Selected Publications

  1. Starks, T.J., Millar, B. Eggleston, J.J. & Parsons, J.T. (in press). Syndemic factors associated with HIV risk for gay and bisexual men: Comparing latent class and latent factor modeling.  AIDS and Behavior
  2. Grov, C. Starks, T.J., Wolff, M., Smith, M.D., Koken, J. & Parsons, J.T. (in press). Behavior patterns of clients with their most recent male escort: An application of latent class analysis. Archives of Sexual Behavior.
  3. Pantalone, D.W., Tomassilli, J.C., Starks, T.J., Golub, S.A. & Parsons, J.T. (in press). Unprotected anal intercourse with casual male partners in urban gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men. American Journal of Public Health.
  4. Parsons, J.T. Starks, T.J., Millar, B.M., Boonrai, K. & Marcotte, D. (in press). Patterns of drug use among HIV positive adults over 50: Implications for treatment and medication adherence. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 139, 33-40.
  5. Gamarel, K.E., Starks, T.J., Dilworth, S.E., Neilands, T.B. & Johnson, M.O. (2014). Personal or relational? Examining sexual health in the context of serodiscordant same-sex couples. AIDS and Behavior, 18, 171-179.
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