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Tyrel Starks

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Department of Psychology
Hunter North, Room 941
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065


Dr. Starks earned his undergraduate degree from the University of South Dakota (2003) and his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2009. He is a licensed psychologist in New York State and a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. Dr. Starks joined the Hunter College faculty in 2014 and is now jointly appointed to the Health Psychology and Clinical Science (HPCS) training program at The Graduate Center. He has taught undergraduate courses in Human Sexuality and Statistics at Hunter as well as doctoral level course in research methods and clinical practicum at the Graduate Center.

Current Areas of Research

My research focuses on substance use and sexual health in sexual minority populations, with a particular emphasis on relationship factors associated with sexual health in gay and bisexual men. I am specifically interested in how relationship partners influence one another's behavior through the formation of shared goals. Couples-based approaches to substance use treatment have long assumed that relationship functioning and drug use are reciprocally associated.  More recently, it has become evident that relationship functioning is associated with sexual behaviors that place sexual minority men at risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well. 

My team and I seek to develop and test novel interventions for couples and individually-delivered interventions for partnered sexual minority men that reduce drug use and improve sexual health. My portfolio includes a completed R34 (DA036419), in which we developed adjunct components for Couples HIV Testing and Counseling (CHTC) to reduce drug use and enhance communication skills. In addition, I have an ongoing U19 Supplement which funds ATN-156 (Project Leads Starks and Feldstein Ewing) which is extending my previous work on CHTC to adolescent gay couples; an R34 (DA043422) which aims to develop a Motivational Interviewing-based couples intervention targeting substance use and sexual HIV transmission risk behavior in emerging adult gay couples; an ongoing R01 (DA045613) testing the efficacy of an individually-delivered MI-based intervention for partnered men targeting drug use and sexual HIV transmission risk behavior.


Current grant-funded studies

Tyrel J. Starks & Sarah Feldstein Ewing, Project Co-Leads; Enhancing sexual safety: Couples communication and HIV testing among YMSM. ATN-156;
Grant# U19 HD089875 (PI Naar) funded by the National Institute of Child and Human Development..

Tyrel J. Starks, PI: Intervention to reduce drug use and HIV incidence among high PrEP priority partnered YMSM.
Grant # R01 DA045613. Submitted to National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Tyrel J. Starks, PI: Couples-based intervention to reduce drug use and HIV transmission risk.
Grant # R34 DA043422. Funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse.


Additional grant-funded studies not focused on relationship research

Tyrel J. Starks, PI. Improving HIV and Alcohol-Related Outcomes among HIV+ Persons in Community Settings.
Grant #R01AA022302. Funded by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Tyrel J. Starks, Project Lead. Effectiveness Implementation Research to Enhance HIV-Related Self-Management among Youth. ATN # 145;
Grant #: U19 HD089875 (PI Naar). Funded by the National Institute on Child and Human Development.

Tyrel J. Starks, PI. Examining community-based effectiveness of a substance use and HIV risk reduction intervention for young men of color
Grant #: R01 DA041262. Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Completed projects

Addressing substance use through CVCT.
Grant # R34 DA036419.  Funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse.


Recent Journal Publications


Castro, M.A., Rosenthal, L., & Starks, T.J. (2019). Enacted individual-level stigma, anticipated relationship stigma, and negative affect among unpartnered sexual minority individuals. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health, 23(1), 63-82. 

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John, S.A., Robles, G., Starks, T.J. & Rendina, H.J. (2019). Differences between groups of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) using couples in HIV-negative/unknown relationships. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, 81(4), 419-428.

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Parsons, J.T., Starks, T.J., Gurung, S., Cain, D., Marmo, J., & Naar, S. (in press). Clinic-based delivery of the Young Men's Health project (YMHP) targeting HIV risk reduction and substance use among young men who have sex with men: Protocol for a type 2, hybrid implementation-effectiveness Trial. JMIR Research Protocols, 8(5), e11184.

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Book Chapters

Starks, T.J., Cabral, C. & Talan, A. (in press). Drug use among sexual and gender minority populations. In Rothblum, E. (Ed). Oxford Handbook of Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health, Oxford University Press.

Starks, T.J., & Millar, B.M. (2017). Special issues in psychotherapy with sexual minority and TGNC adolescents. In K. DeBord, T. Perez, A.R. Fischer, & Bieschke, K. (Eds). Handbook of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in Counseling and Psychotherapy, APA Books: Washington, DC.