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OPT STEM extension

Starting May 10, 2016 , The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will amend its F1 non immigrant student visa regulations on Optional Pratical Training (OPT) for students with the following degrees: Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM). Students with these degrees will be eligible for  OPT period of 24 months (STEM OPT extension). For more info on this ruling click here.


Regular OPT (Application & Deadline)

It's that time again for International Students with F1 Status to apply for OPT. The OPT appointment options is open and we welcome students to set up an appointment with an international student advisor as the deadline is rapidly approaching (Thursday, April 21st, 2016).


Summer Registration

Hunter College offers two summer sessions in a variety of lengths. Students can take up to 7 credits per session.

N.B: Apply during registration period to avoid late fees. Check your Cuny First for registration appointment date and time

March 16-17, 2016 :

-Currently enrolled Graduate Degree students

-Register according to number of credits earned

March 18-24, 2016:

-1st undergraduate degree students

-Register according to the number of credits earned  


I-94 System to Switch Over to Electronic Issuing

The Department of Homeland Security has begun their new electronic process, so the paper form (I-94 card)will no longer be needed at entry and instead all the information will be attached to an online record that the immigration officer will pull up when a student enters. However, if travelers require a copy of their I-94 (record of admission into the United States) for any benefit application such as employment, then it can be obtained from www.i94/cbp


CUNY Citizenship Now!

This program provides freeand confidential assistance to students interested in applying adjustment of status to Permanent Residency or other non F-1 Student Status or J-1 Exchange Visitor issues such as consideration of "Deferred Action" Employment.

Students' eligibility for consideration of Deferred Action will be assessed on a case by case basis and assistance will be provided to those students who qualify. Join the following mailing list if you think you might qualify and you want to receive information about how to get help.

Important USCIS ELIS Information for International Students

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has introduced ELIS (Electronic Information System) that allows applicants to file the form I-539 online to request an immigration benefit. Applicants (international students or visitors) may use the I-539 to request the following:

  • Change of status (to F-1 or another category)
  • An extension of your current status (F-1 or another category)
  • Reinstatement to F-1 (student) or J-1(Exchange Visitor) status

The ELIS program now allows you to file any of the requests listed above using an electronic I-539 form. When using ELIS, you will be able to create a personal account and submit additional documents to complete and file your request.USCIS has introduced this new program as part of its plan to reduce paperwork and create a faster, more efficient process.

 You are not required to file your form I-539 online. Therefore, if you prefer, you may continue to use the paper format of the I-539 to file your immigration requests. USCIS will continue to accept the paper format of the I-539 until further notice. If you plan to send your request by mail, please be sure to have the ISO first review your form I-539 and supporting documents.

For more information on ELIS, please visit contact Ms. Iris Aroyewun-Birchwood at or Mr. Xavier Remigio at in the Hunter College International Students Office.

Looking for Scholarship opportunities?

Below is a link that will take you to a series of available scholarships. Please check to see which scholarship(s) you are eligible to apply for. For more information:





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