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Undergraduate and Accelerated Degree Programs

All undergraduate and accelerated degrees offered by the School of Arts and Sciences at Hunter College are listed below, sorted alphabetically by major. For detailed information about degree requirements, please consult Hunter's college catalogs or the department website. For information on graduate degrees in Arts and Sciences, see Graduate Degree Programs.


Major or Program Degree(s) Department(s)
Accounting BS
Africana & Puerto Rican / Latino Studies BA AFPRL
Ancient Greek BA Classics
Animal Behavior Conservation Certificate Psychology
Anthropology BA, BA/MA
Arabic Sequence Classics
Archaeology, Classical BA Classics
Archaeology, Interdepartmental BA Anthropology / Classics
Art History BA
Asian American Studies Minor Asian American Studies
Behavioral Neurobiology BA Biological Sciences /
Bioinformatics (Quantitative Biology) BA
Biology BA
Biological Sciences
Biology Adolescent Education BA, BA/MA
Biological Sciences /
School of Education
Biophysics BA, BA/MA Biological Sciences /
Physics and Astronomy
Biotechnology BA/MA, BS/MA Biological Sciences /
Medical Lab Sciences
Chemistry BA
Chemistry Adolescent Education BA, BA/MA
Chinese BA Classics
Chinese Adolescent Education BA
Classics /
School of Education
Classical Studies BA Classics
Comparative Literature BA English
Computer Science BA Computer Sciences
Creative Writing BA
Dance BA Dance
Dance Adolescent Education BA Dance /
School of Education
Earth Science Adolescent Education BA/MA
Economics BA, BA/MA
English Adolescent Education BA
English /
School of Education
English Language Arts BA English
Environmental Studies BA Geography
Film BA Film & Media Studies
French BA
Romance Languages
French Adolescent Education BA
Romance Languages /
School of Education
Geography BA
German BA German
German Adolescent Education BA German /
School of Education
Hebrew BA Classics
Hebrew Adolescent Education BA Classics /
School of Education
History BA
Human Rights Minor, Certificate Interdepartmental
Italian BA
Romance Languages
Italian Adolescent Education BA
Romance Languages /
School of Education
Japanese Sequence Classics
Jewish Social Studies BA Interdepartmental
Latin BA Classics
Latin American and Caribbean Studies BA LACS
Latin and Greek BA Classics
Linguistics Minor Anthropology
Literatures, Language and Criticism BA English
Mathematics BA, BA/MA Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics Adolescent Education BA, BA/MA
Mathematics and Statistics /
School of Education
Media Studies BA Film & Media Studies
Medical Laboratory Sciences BS Clinical Sciences
Medical Laboratory Sciences BS Biomedical Sciences
Music BA, BMus, BA/MA
Music Education BA/MA
Music /
School of Education
Philosophy BA Philosophy
Philosophy, Politics and Society BA Philosophy
Physics BA, BA/MA
Physics and Astronomy
Physics Adolescent Education BA
Physics and Astronomy /
School of Education
Political Science BA Political Science
Psychology BA
Psychology with Neuroscience Concentration BA Psychology
Public Policy Minor, Certificate Interdepartmental
Religion BA Religion
Romance Languages BA Romance Languages
Russian BA Classics
Russian Adolescent Education BA Classics /
School of Education
Social Studies Adolescent Education BA
Geography / History /
School of Education
Sociology BA Sociology
Sociology and Social Research BA/MS Sociology
Spanish Adolescent Education BA
Romance Languages /
School of Education
Spanish and Latin American Literature BA Romance Languages
Spanish←→English Translation and Interpretation BA Romance Languages
Statistics BA Mathematics and Statistics
Statistics and Applied Mathematics BA/MA
Mathematics and Statistics
Studio Art BA, BFA
Theatre BA
Urban Studies BA Urban Affairs & Planning
Women and Gender Studies BA Women and Gender Studies 
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