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140356 UG0307 Accounting Society  BUDGET Club
140204 UG0305 Administrative Costs Earmark
140352 UG0301 African Student Union Budget Club
140376 UG0330 American Medical Student Association Club
140413 UG0375 American Red Cross  BUDGET Club
140530 UG0524 American Cancer Society  BUDGET Club
140361 UG0312 Anime Club Club
140387 UG0343 Arab Studies Club  Club
140422 UG0384 Argentine Tango Club  Club
140357 UG0308 Art in Medicine  Club
140397 UG0356 Artemis Hellenic Club  BUDGET Club
140489 UG0468 Art of Healing Club of Hunter College BUDGET Club
140382 UG0337 Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association of HC  BUDGET Club
140575 Asian Student Union BUDGET Club
140419 UG0381 Association of Business Students  BUDGET Club
140611 UG0509 Association of Computing Machinery At Hunter Club
140359 UG0310 Bachelor of Fine Arts Student Organization  BUDGET Club
140532 UG0526 Bangladesh Development Project  Club
140433 UG0397 Be the Match Club
140554 Bengali Student Association BUDGET Club
140577 Best Buddies Budget Club
140523 UG0517 Biology Club now known as Pre-Health Research Initiative Club
140454 UG0423 Black Student Union  BUDGET Club
140466 UG0438 Blood Initiative of Hunter  Club
140471 UG0444 Book Club  Club
140544 UG0539 Catholic Medical Mission Board  Club
140434  UG0398 Catholic John Henry Newman Club BUDGET Club
140479 UG0454 Chess Club  Club
140202 UG0326 Childcare Center Earmark
140374 UG0327 Chinese Christian Fellowship  Club
140430 UG0393 Chinese Student and Scholar Association  Club
140554 UG0551 Circle K International  Club
140221 UG0336 Civics Programing Fund Earmark
140555 Computer Science Club BUDGET Club
140369 UG0320 Coping Center  Club
140514 UG0504 Coptic Club  Club
140579 CRAASH Budget Club
140427 UG0389 Crochet and Knitting Club Club
104576 CUNY EDGE Club Budget Club
140504 UG0492 Dance Now  Club
140584 Decolonize Social Work Collective Budget Club
140701 UG0701 Departmental Expenses - GSA Grad
140360 UG0311 Design And Production Club
140371 UG0322 Developer Student Club Club
140205 UG0339 Disabled Student Access Center Budget Earmark
140450 UG0419 Doctors without Borders  BUDGET Club
140580 Dream Team at Hunter College Budget Club
140375 UG0329 Effective Altruism Club at Hunter College  Club
140586 Empowering Women in STEM Budget Club
140449 UG0418 Epsilon Sigma Phi  Club
140516 UG0507 E-sports and Game Design Collective Club
140557 UG0556 Eta Sigma Pi  Club
140403 UG0362 Eugenio Maria De Hostos Peurto Rican and Multicultural Club Club
140396 UG0353 Gay Men's Alliance  Club
140561 UG0560 Girls who Code College Loops  Club
140389 UG0346 Global Surgery Student Alliance at Hunter College  Club
140725 UG0725 Graduate American Sign Language Gclub
140712 Graduate Nutrition Club Budget
140425 UG0387 Greenbelt Society of Hunter College BUDGET Club
140461 UG0432 Hawkappella BUDGET Club
140581 Healing and Blessings Budget Club
140537 UG0531 Health Literacy Initiative  Club
140306 UG0201 Healthcare Product Fund Budget Earmark
140399  UG0358 Healthcare Business Club  Club
140394 UG0351 Hear your Song at Hunter College  Club
140418 UG0380 Heart at Hunter College  BUDGET Club
140402 UG0361 Hillel  Club
140463 UG0434 Hindu Students Association   BUDGET Club
140609 Hunted Hero Comics Budget
140206 UG0345 Hunter Envoy Budget Earmark
140207 UG0369 Intercollegiate Athletics Budget Earmark
140526 UG0520 Interfaith Club  Club
140452 UG0421 Internationalist Club  Club
140410 UG0370 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Club
140208 UG0372 Intramural/Recreation Athletics Budget Earmark
140372 UG0324 Investment and Trading Society BUDGET Club
140370 UG0321 Intonation  BUDGET Club
140467 UG0439 Japanese Club  BUDGET Club
140447 UG0416 Kappa Sigma  Club
140409 UG0368 Knitting for Healing Club of Hunter College  Club
140415 UG0377 Korean Campus Crusade for Christ /SOON Movement BUDGET Club
140471 UG0444 Korean Student Association  BUDGET Club
140388 UG0344 Knitted Knockers at Hunter College  BUDGET Club
140453 UG0422 K-Pop Club
140423 UG0385 Lesbians Rising  Club
140393 UG0350 Latino Medical Student Association Club
140700 UG0700 Maintenance - GSA Grad
140600 Media Board Budget Earmark
140577 Medical History Society Club Budget Club
140390 UG0347 Medical Laboratory Science Club  BUDGET Club
140209 UG0390 Medical Office Budget Earmark
140582 Mexican Student Union Budget Club
140538 UG0532 Minority Association of Pre-Med Students  Club
140420 UG0382 Mission Nutrition  BUDGET Club
140521 UG0514 Mock Trial Society  Club
140444 UG0410 Mother Nature's Gift at Hunter  BUDGET Club
140210 UG0396 Music Budget Earmark
140428 UG0391 Music Empowerment of Hunter College  Club
140524 UG0518 Music is Medicine  BUDGET Club
140437 UG0401 Muslim Student Association  Club
140377 UG0331 NAMI on Campus  BUDGET Club
140440 UG0404 National Student Nurses' Association  BUDGET Club
140379 UG0333 National Alzheimer's Buddies at Hunter Club
140713 National Student Speech Language Assoc. Budget
140603 UG0355 Nursing Student Press Budget Publication
140432 UG0395 Pakistani Student Association BUDGET Club
140448 UG0417 Palestine Solidarity Alliance  BUDGET Club
140211 UG0411 Performing Arts - Clubs Budget Earmark
140212 UG0412 Performing Arts - Departmental Budget Earmark
140213 UG0413 Performing Arts - Grants BUDGET Earmark
140608 Photographer's Collective Budget Publication
140366 UG0317 Pilipinos of Hunter  Budget Club
140457 UG0426 Poetry of the East Club BUDGET Club
140515 UG0506 Polish Cultural Club of Hunter College  Club
140367 UG0318 Pre-Dental Society  BUDGET Club
140610 Pre-Health Diaries Blob Budget
140510 UG0500 Pre-Health Organization at Hunter College  Club
140539 UG0533 Pre-Health for Human Rights Club
140529 UG0523 Pre-Law Society  BUDGET Club
140566 UG0567 Pre-Optometry Society  BUDGET Club
140400 UG0359 Pre-PA Society of Hunter College  BUDGET Club
140411 UG0371 Pre-Veterinary Club  BUDGET Club
140563 UG0564 Project HOPE Chapter at Hunter  Club
140475 UG0448 Project Sunshine  BUDGET Club
140513 UG0503 Psi Chi  BUDGET Club
140614 UG0561 Psych News Budget Publication
140455 UG0424 Psychology Club  BUDGET Club
140351 UG0300 Reformed University Fellowship  Club
140468 UG0440 Rehabilitation Therapy Club  Club
140386 UG0342 Rescuing Leftover Cuisine  Club
140600 UG0429 Reserve/Unallocated - Media Pub Res.
140350 UG0428 Reserve/Unallocated - USG Clubs Budget Earmark
140522 UG0515 Rho Psi Eta  BUDGET Club
140401 UG0360 Russian Club  Club
140100 UG0100 SAF Surlus fund Reserve
140354 UG0304 SEEDS at Hunter  Club
140458 UG0427 Sexual Wellness Society of Hunter College BUDGET Club
140518 UG0510 She's the First  Club
140385 UG0341 Shikari Dance Team  Club
140521 UG0514 Sign4ERA Club BUDGET Club
140421 UG0383 Society of Bioethics and Medicine  BUDGET Club
140417 UG0379 South Asian Cultural Club  BUDGET Club
140542 UG0536 Southwest Asian and North African Women Association  BUDGET Club
140362 UG0313 Spanish Club at Hunter  Club
140364 UG0315 Spikeball Club of Hunter College  Club
140606 UG0436 Spoon University Publication
140203 UG0200 Student Activity  Budget Earmark
140435 UG0399 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee  BUDGET Club
140583 Student Veterans Club Budget Club
140365 UG0316 Taiwanese Student Association  Club
140201 UG0323 The Green Initiative Fund Budget Earmark
140605 The Olivetree Review Budget Publication
The Political Joural Budget
140496 UG0475 Theater Club  Club
140429 UG0392 Theta Phi Gamma  Club
140219 UG0335 Tutoring Service Fund Budget Earmark
140398  UG0357 Ukrainian Club of Hunter College  BUDGET Club
140391 UG0348 UNICEF Campus lntiative  Club
140373 UG0325 United for Youth of Hunter College  BUDGET Club
140383 UG0338 Unmasked at Hunter  Club
140214 UG0488 USG - Emergency Food & Shelter Prog. Budget Earmark
140303 UG0483 USG - Brookdale Budget Earmark
140301 UG0484 USG - General Budget Earmark/USG
140308 UG0486 USG - Resource Center Salaries Budget Earmark
140215 UG0407 USG - N.Y.P.I.R.G. Earmark
140305 UG0487 USG - Participatory Budgeting Fund Earmark/USG
140302 UG0486 USG - Salaries Budget Earmark/USG
140395 UG0352 Uzbek Hawks of Hunter College  BUDGET Club
140358 UG0309 Vietnamese Student Association  Budget Club
140216 UG0546 Welfare Rights Initiative Budget Earmark
140220 UG0493 WHCS Budget Earmark
140217 UG0494 Wistarion Budget Earmark
140368 UG0319 Women in Computer Science of Hunter College  BUDGET Club
140363 UG0314 Young Democratic Socialist of America  Club
140414 UG0376 Zeta Phi Alpha  Club
140601 UG0302 The Poliltical Journal Publication
140610 UG0505 Pre-Health Dairies Blog of HC Publication


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