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All requisition for disbursement forms (vouchers) must contain the signature of the president or treasurer responsible for the program; the other signature is of an approved representative of the allocating body.

During the semester, some student organizations change one or more of their officers. If this should occur, the club must file a new Signature Profile/ Club Officers Registration Form with the Student Activities Commissioner.

Only currently registered students may sign budgets, vouchers or any other forms on behalf of a student organization.

Student activity fee funds are to be used exclusively for the direct benefit of students enrolled at 
Hunter College. Under no circumstances can student activity fee money or money generated from it or College facilities be used for personal use or gain.

The College Association will not process a Check request unless there is a signature profile and an approved budget form on file. All club vouchers must be submitted to the 
College Association office.

No student club or organization receiving student activity funds is permitted to have an outside checking account. All financial transactions must be through the Business Office. Additionally, all student organizations will be expected to pay any legitimate outstanding bills and clear up any advances before new vouchers will be honoured.

All purchases must be budgeted and approved by the College Association Board before submitting a check request.

Please review your budget in the ACCOUNT LIST section. If a change is not reflected on your online budget, please contact Nicole Hector-Hutchinson ( before submitting any check request forms

CUNY’s instructions are pertaining to CA payment.
Purchase order is required for amount equal or over $250.
All Honoraria, regardless of dollar amount, require a Purchase Order.

CLICK HERE to submit your check requests for USG, USG CLUBS, GSA, and GSA CLUBS

CLICK HERE to submit your check requests for WRI, PA, TGIF, and Media Clubs




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