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Club Events


C.A. Meetings


To:       All organizations funded by Student Activity Fees
From:   Nicole Hector-Hutchinson, College Association Director
Re:       CA Meeting Dates

            The College Association meeting dates for the Summer, Fall, and Spring academic year 2022-2023 are listed below. All of these meetings are on Wednesdays. Meetings are scheduled from 1-3 p.m. in room 1130 East.  Also listed are the dates on which the materials submitted for review at each particular meeting is due in the CA office. Documents are due at 12:00 noon on the specified dates.

CA Meeting Date                    Date on which Materials are due in CA Office

July 12                                    July 5

July 26                                    July 18

August 9                                August 01

September 6                            August 29

September 27                          September 19

October 4                                September 26

October 18                              October 10

November 1                             October 24

November 15                           November 7

December 6                             November 28

December 20                           December 12

January 10                              January 2

February 7                             January 30

February 21                            February 13

March 6                                 February 27

March 13                                 March 5

March 27                                 March 19*

April 10                                  April 2

April 24                                   April 16

May 08                                    April 30

May 22                                    May 14

June 12                                    June 4

*Last day to submit club budgets for C.A. approval.

C.A Workshops

To:       All Student Organization Officers 

From:   Nicole Hector-Hutchinson

Re:       MANDATORY Workshops on Use of Fund and Facilities 

Being elected an officer of a student organization brings with it a great opportunity to broaden your experiences, as well as your responsibilities. In order to assist you in the carrying out of your tasks, The C.A. handbook is available for download HERE and a mandatory workshop quiz must be completed by all elected officers of each student organization. 

 Sign up for the workshop here 
Registrations submitted less than an hour before the beginning of the workshop will not be counted.

Click HERE

Purchasing Requirements


To:             All Organizations Funded by Student Activity Fees
From:         Nicole Hector, Director
Date:          April 15, 2005
Re:             College Association Online Purchasing Requirements

Please provide the Business Office with the following documents when purchasing items online. 

  1. Printout of order confirmation or statement from online company providing: Confirmation number/order number/item number, item description, email address, customer service information, and name of purchaser and method of  payment.
  2. If paid by credit card, please provide original credit card statement showing payment for online purchase.
  3. If paid by check, please provide original cancelled check from the bank.
  4. Original packing slip or invoice received from online company indicating that merchandise has been delivered to Hunter College.
  5. No second-hand or used items are to be purchased.
  6. No online bidding.
  7. We reserve the right to request confirmation of item delivery from club’s president or treasurer. 

Please contact the College Association Office in room 214 TH or the Accounting Department in the room 1601 E with any further inquiries. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tatyana Gleyzer



To:       All organizations funded by Student Activity Fees
From:   Nicole Hector, College Association Director
Date:    November 3, 2005
Re:       College Association Office New Policies

Please note that, effective November 2, 2005, any equipment or supplies (including props and costumes) purchased between $1-$999 using student activity fees will be tagged by the College Association Office. These items are the property of Hunter College.

All materials submitted to the College Association Office must be logged into the submission log. The College Association is not responsible for any materials placed under the office door.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. 




To:       All organizations funded by Student Activity Fees
From:   Henry Ong, Director of Accounting
Re:       PRIZES - $10.00 and above


For internal control purposes, we will be requiring a list of recipients/winners (with the last four digits of student id, signature and copy of id) for any reimbursements for the PRIZES that were given away during student events.   Any check request for prizes without this list will be treated as advances and will only be expensed upon receipt of the listing.  Student Services office will certify that the recipients are Hunter College students in good standing.  This is an addition to the usual documentations that we require for check request.

This will take effect immediately.

Thank you.

I Henry Ong
Director of Accounting
Hunter College of the City University of New York
695 Park Avenue #E1601A
New York, NY 10065
Phone: (212) 7724431  Fax : (212) 7724399

Club Events

To:        Club President and Treasurer:
From:    Teneia Wooten Director of Student Activities
Re:        Club Events


Dear Club President and Treasurer:

According to your budget request, you have events planned for the
2009-2010 academic year. Please note the following:
All events must be approved by the Office of Student Activities. Off campus events and
fund raisers require additional paperwork. Please call 212-772-4908 for more
information. If you are planning an off-campus trip in the month of December, please
make an appointment to see me as soon as possible by calling 212-772-4908.


Teneia Wooten
Assistant Director of Student Activities
and Leadership Development

Hunter College
Office of Student Activities - Rm C001 North
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065

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