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The Mary P. Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center


Hunter East, 7th Fl Library

Telephone: (212)772-5371

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THE DOLCIANI MATH LEARNING IS OPEN THIS SUMMER TO SUPPORT YOU IN YOUR STUDIES.   The DMLC operates as both a virtual and in-person center and provides all services in both settings.  You can view our days and hours below. If you have a question, you can either visit the center virtually or in-person when we are open or email


Hours of Operation - May 30 - July 12*

Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday CLOSED

The Center is closed on days when no classes are scheduled and also on Saturdays of holiday weekends.

* July and August hours to be announced



Our Summer 2023 tutoring hours begin May 31.    Click here to see the hours.

Learning Math In an Online Environment

We've put together a presentation to assist students having trouble learning online. You can view the presentation in the Study Skills section.

Study and Learning Skills and Strategies for Online Classes

"There is a learning curve to online courses. These study and learning strategies will help you find success in your online education." Visit here to learn more about these strategies.

Are Your Math Study Skills First-Rate?


Want additional practice or need to review concepts?

Click here to see what is available on the Edmentum PLATO materials or go to the multi-media tab on the left


Don't see the connection between math and everyday life?

Math can be seen in so many things - from the geometry of street signs to the caloric values of the food that we eat, to the architecture of the buildings that we see every day. Click here to see some more examples of math in our everyday lives - you'll be surprised about some of them


Having trouble connecting math with other subjects?

Many of us know how to do routine exercises in mathematics, but when it comes to doing math in other subjects, sometimes we stumble. Click here to view presentations that will help you see the connections between mathematics and other subjects. After each presentation, work out the problems and check your answers.


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