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Rules & Regulations


Violators of these rules will be barred from the facility for the remainder of the semester.




  • must sign in at the Circulation area before using the facility.
  • must present a Hunter ID card to work in the Center.
  • may not bring food in the Center.
  • must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion so as not to disturb other people who are working in the facility.
  • should be considerate of others when speaking with tutors or students.
  • should not leave their belongings unattended; we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • should return their chairs to under-table position when leaving.
  • should have cellular phones and beepers turned off while in the Center.




  • may be displaced after an hour by an arriving user if there are no other computers available (the person vacating the workstation will be given 5 minutes to terminate his session in an orderly fashion).
  • may be displaced for emergency maintenance.
  • should not leave a workstation or a login unattended.
  • may not take Dolciani equipment out of the Center.




  • may not install any software on the computers.
  • may not move or modify system files or software packages installed on the computers in the Learning Center.
  • may only use only one workstation or laptop.
  • may not save a computer when you leave the lab.
  • may not give out their password or share their account.
  • may not attempt to bypass security features or steal passwords.
  • may not reboot, turn off, or move any workstation or PC.
  • may not play games on these computers.
  • may not save material on desktops or laptops. All hard drives are cleaned when powered down.