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Math Study Skills

Spring 2023



Learning Math In An Online Environment

We've put together a presentation to assist students struggling with learning online. Click here to view the presentation and then click the "present" button in the top right corner.

Study and Learning Skills and Strategies for Online Classes

"There is a learning curve to online courses. These study and learning strategies will help you find success in your online education." Visit here for access to these strategies.

STUDY SKILLS WORKSHOP INFORMATION:  Study Skills workshops will begin February 1 .  Log on to Navigate to register for the sessions.  Scroll down to see the dates and times.  These stand-alone workshops are beneficial to both undergraduate and graduate students regardless of major.   They are a companion to study skills topics and common questions posed by students further on our website. Hope to see you there!


Did you know...

...that there are different skills needed to study math as opposed to other subjects? Do you know where your strengths and weaknesses are in math - not just the content - but in the approach that you use to do mathematics?  Before going to the Study Skills workshops, if you'd like to know how good your math study skills are, you can log on to to take a short multiple-choice test; for username, type: msse and for password, type: fourth.  It only takes a few minutes and will help give you a good start on what you need to change to be successful.

Session 1:  Why Learning Math is Different from Learning Other Subjects, Determining Your Math Strengths and Weaknesses, and Understanding Your Math Mindset

In this workshop students will discuss the differences in the process of studying math vs other subjects, will take a survey that will help identify their math studying strong points and weak points as well as their learning style, will begin to design a study plan based on ideas presented, and will learn about math mindset.

Wed 2/1 9:30 (V); 3:00 (OS)         Thurs 2/2 10:30 (V); 12:00 (OS); 2:00 (OS)              Fri 2/3 2:00 (OS)            Sat 2/4 10:00 (V)                                           Mon 2/6 2:00(O); 6:00 (O)                Tues 2/7 10:00 (V); 3:00 (OS)

Session 2:  How to Improve Your Math Test-Taking Skills

In this workshop, students will learn and analyze the six common types of errors that are made on tests, develop strategies to avoid these errors, and learn additional strategies that will help them be successful on tests.

Wed 2/8 9:30 (V); 3:00 (OS)                      Thurs 2/9 10:30 (V); 12:00 (OS); 2:00 (OS)                      Fri 2/10 2:00 (OS)                                                Tues 2/14 10:00 (V); 3:00 (OS)                                       Sat 2/18 10:00 (V)                                Tues  2/21 2:00(O); 6:00 (O) MON SCHED   

Session 3:  How to Reduce Math and Test Anxiety

In this workshop, students will be learn the difference between math and test anxiety, explore possible reasons for these anxieties, and develop ways in which they can control such anxiety.

Wed 2/15 9:30 (V); 3:00 (OS)                  Thurs 2/16 10:30 (V); 12:00 (OS); 2:00 (OS)                   Fri 2/17  2:00 (OS)          Sat 2/25 10:00 (V)                      Mon 2/27 2:00(O); 6:00 (O)                       Tues 2/28 10:00 (V); 3:00 (OS)                    

Session 4:  How to Improve Your Math Listening and Note-taking Techniques

In this workshop, students will learn strategies to improve their listening skills, discuss steps needed to improve their note taking skills, and practice determining what is important to record in their notes.           

Wed 2/22 9:30 (V); 3:00 (OS)                     Thurs 2/23 10:30 (V); 12:00 (OS); 2:00 (OS)                  Fri 2/24  2:00 (OS)           Sat 2/25 10:00 (V)                Mon 3/6 2:00(O); 6:00 (O)                         Tues 3/7 10:00 (V); 3:00 (OS)                           

Session 5:  How to Improve Your Math Reading, Homework and Study Techniques

In this workshop, students will learn the specific processes for reading their math textbook that gives them the knowledge necessary to be an independent worker and connects their reading with their notes from class

Wed 3/1 9:30 (V); 3:00 (OS)                           Thurs 3/2 10:30 (V); 12:00 (OS); 2:00 (OS)                     Fri 3/3  2:00 (OS)       Sat 3/10 10:00 (V)                      Mon 3/13 2:00(O); 6:00 (O)                  Tues 3/14 10:00 (V); 3:00 (OS)                          

Session 6:  How to Remember What You Have Learned

 In this workshop, students will learn about the memory process, review examples in both classroom learning and independent learning environments, and develop strategies for successful recall.    

Wed 3/8 9:30 (V); 3:00 (OS)                        Thurs 3/9 10:30 (V); 12:00 (OS); 2:00 (OS)                      Fri 3/10  2:00 (OS)                                                  Sat 3/17 10:00 (V)                                         Mon 3/20 2:00(O); 6:00 (O)                       Tues  3/21  10:00 (V); 3:00 (OS)



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