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Math Placement Exam




Effective October 2019, the College uses the Hunter College Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) to determine placement in mathematics, statistics, science or liberal arts courses at Hunter College that have a mathematics or statistics courses as a prerequisite. This exam does not affect acceptance to the College. The MPT is a timed, multiple choice, computer-based test. Calculators are not allowed to be used while taking the exam.



General Testing Information

Information about the MPT and exam scheduling can be found online on the Testing Center’s website ( ). Students may take this exam once in the Hunter College Testing Center. Exam scores are valid at Hunter College only.


Test Preparation

To view the Hunter College Test Prep that includes test sample questions, diagnostic quizzes, short videos and other instructional materials, log in to BlackBoard ( and then visit the Hunter College Math Placement Test Prep ( .

Also, review the PLATO tutorial materials in the Dolciani Math Learning Center either in person or online and check the Dolciani Math Learning Center’s website ( for any specific review sessions or additional materials that are available.


Good Luck!